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Paris, Part Deux

Howdy everyone! Just to preface this…we were in Paris from October 6-14. I’m super slow these days with my posts, but determined to preserve as many memories as possible. Here we are in front of Notre Dame. Truly a magnificent … Continue reading

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Wild Hare Roundup

Cue the Rocky Theme music and the Chariots of Fire soundtrack! I just finished the Claire Murray bunny garden wool needlepoint pillow top! Woohoo! Why is this such a big deal? It took me more than 10 years to finish … Continue reading

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The drawing that started it all…

I wonder how often artists can pinpoint the precise moment when other people recognized their talent? When I was four, the kids at daycare liked me because I could draw Hello Kitty. The big moment came two years later though…when … Continue reading

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