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I’ll celebrate you, Bam…

I debated about whether or not to post this deeply personal piece. Bam passed away on January 19th, and I chose to speak at her service. Public speaking is far from my forte, and I wasn’t certain that I could … Continue reading

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Alvin’s Island Crab House of Death or Why Living Creatures are NOT tchotkes

Many of you may know that I’m generally positive and upbeat, but there are a few things that raise my ire. Seeing critters suffer needlessly, whether big or small, makes me furious. I also love Alvin’s Island. It has always … Continue reading

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Beach Beach Beachy Beach

So, this week we are vacationing at Seagrove Beach, our family fave. It’s just me, my folks, Patrick, his buddy Drake and a bunch of dolphins. Lindsay was with us for a couple of days, but work beckoned and she … Continue reading

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Some Beach…Somewhere

Who has a ridiculous Samoan tan and replacement belly-button jewelry? ME!!! That’s right…the Brooks Family Beach Trip 2012 was a smashing success. We made our final all-family trek to the Emerald Coast last week and it was glorious. Rollin twenty … Continue reading

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