A Very Windy City

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I felt like writing. Danny and I went on vacation to Chicago a few weeks ago–what a gorgeous city! It was our first time there ever and we were blown away by it! We were going to the Pitchfork Music Festival to see Tame Impala and Blood Orange.

We stayed at the Kimpton Allegro Hotel, which is spectacular. I LOVE Art Deco and this entire hotel is decorated in a posh Art Deco style. I’d kill to have the stunning embellished, lacquered, showgirl art pictured below! Wow!

The hotel really is a masterpiece. I was blown away by all of the design elements. The rooms are decorated beautifully too, and while not enormous, are comfortably spacious.

We were lucky enough to be in town during the Chicago run of the musical Waitress, which happened to be playing at the theater NEXT DOOR to us! We almost missed it since it was ending on Sunday but managed to get tickets for the Saturday matinee show. The musical follows the movie script to the T, but add in music written by Sara Bareilles. It’s fun, light and frothy.

I’m not sure how much Chicago spends on landscaping but the public spaces in the city are magnificent! There are flowers EVERYWHERE! I took dozens of photos and gawked in awe at all the greenery (and how CLEAN everything was…like no litter anywhere).

Here we are at the first night of the festival…I wore a swimsuit because the forecast called for heavy rain (in fact, the Midwest was enduring terrible storms that day).

You can’t see the rain well here, but it was starting to come down and created this lovely haze with the sun glimmering through. We wandered off into the vendor tents to kill time and stay dry. I’m usually not big on festival vendor tents, but the Pitchfork folks organized a really great assortment of artists and retail booths.

Eventually, we meandered back to the field for Tame Impala. Strangely enough, I don’t have much to say about the show. While all of the other bands sounded terrific throughout the day, we couldn’t hear them clearly AT ALL. The sound wavered in and out like a bad radio signal and was never loud enough to drown out the ambient noise. We walked all over the field, hoping it would improve, but it never did. Then it started to rain more. Frustrated and mildly hangry, we left the festival. Curiously, we didn’t return for Blood Orange on Saturday. It just didn’t seem worth the trouble (Lyft rides, crowds, etc) and we wanted to see Waitress. I know…sacrilege to music lovers, but IDGAF. I have no patience for poor sound quality and super chill bands in concert apparently. Lesson learned.

The Cadillac Palace, right next door to the Kimpton, held the Waitress run until Sunday, and was then bringing in Tootsie the musical.

Sorry for the blurry image, but I’m no selfie queen. I’ve always felt slightly awkward about them. Danny was trying to take it quickly and in poor lighting. I’m sure this offends his professional photographer standards. LOL.

Another cool theater! Chicago really supports performance arts. There’s the musicals and plays, the ballet and Second City.

There is also lots of cool architecture! (Important note: One of Danny’s coworkers told us that we absolutely MUST take an architectural boat tour. She neglected to specify which one. I stupidly didn’t research the options and chose the first one that popped up on Google. It was an ad and NOT an actual google link. Don’t make my mistake, folks! I’m not a big fan of hosted, historical, bland group tours, and even less of a fan of boats. Plus, this was a day or two after the duck boat disaster. We embarked on the longest hour and a half cruise of our lives. The tour guide was someone’s overly loquacious grandma with a sharp, loud voice, and boy, did she ever talk. She never drew a single breath between words. And she made up anecdotal stories during the tour, only to immediately tell us, “No, that wasn’t true. I made that up”. We passed a raucous Tiki Party boat full of inebriated passengers hooting and whistling. She said, “I bet you all wish you were on THAT boat!”. Yep, we did. Often, though, it is the misery you suffer that gives you perfect recollection. And we will never forget our frigid, soggy, hellishly slow ride down the river Hades with that piercing harpy drilling lies into our noggins.)

This parking garage looks so precarious! I think this building looks like something out of the Jetsons.

I learned virtually nothing on the boat tour, except that you are a captive audience on a boat. Oh, and that a cow might have caused the Great Chicago Fire.

Another Jetson building…

I liked this building. The curves are to help it withstand all of the winds that buffet it constantly. Apparently there’s a nice French restaurant inside too.

Thank God…almost back at the slip!

More gorgeous flowers, after we escaped the Rusty Minnow.

Look how clean and pretty!

Danny took me out for a lovely dinner at the Italian Village. I think it has been there since 1895 or something and has been a meeting place for mobsters over the years. It was very charming.

We visited Ragstock in the Wicker Park area. ANIMAL! ANIMAL! ANIMAL!

I can’t quite figure out how to add more photos to this post without overwhelming my fragile iPad (thank you, planned obsolescence), so I’ll post more ASAP. It feels good to be writing again, so stay tuned!

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