Paris, Part Deux

Howdy everyone! Just to preface this…we were in Paris from October 6-14. I’m super slow these days with my posts, but determined to preserve as many memories as possible.

Here we are in front of Notre Dame. Truly a magnificent place! I know that I’m a bit jaded sometimes, but nothing can prepare you for the grandeur of this church.

Paris is such an utterly charming city. We were walking along a busy bridge and found this pianist parked over the river. During our week there, we saw a cellist, an opera singer, a jazz band, a guitarist and so many other street performers.

Danny and I both love Mexican food, but he thought it would be hard to find in Paris. My aunt and uncle recommended this cantina. It was fabulous and they made fantastic margaritas (or so I’m told…I can’t drink tequila.) Danny said they were amazing.

Danny submerged in the delicious margarita. Glub, glub.

I think this is when we wandered around Le Marais, but I’m not 100% certain. I just loved the birch tree trunks decorating this spot. Lots of cool boutiques and shops in this area.

The photographer at work…

We found a garden hidden among some apartment buildings.

Mark, Cyndi and me exploring Paris. Such a wonderful start to the trip!


Notre Dame at night! Look at those Flying Buttresses!


La Tour Eiffel in the distance…


I occasionally love candid shots that are slightly silly. The auto timer makes that SO easy to accomplish!


We saw a Parisian marathon! (Or maybe a 5K. Not sure.)


I think this is the Musee D’Orsay. I really enjoyed this museum because it wasn’t too crowded and was well organized. It’s inside an old train station.


Danny took some amazing gargoyles shots with his super zoom camera!


We ate an afternoon snack in this lovely garden full of unusual plants. I want exotic palm trees in my backyard…


Yet another shot of Notre Dame…


I lit several candles during the service.


L’Arc du Triomphe! We did not get to go inside this monument because it was late at night. What’s really cool about it, to me at least, is that it stands in the center of a very busy avenue, the Champs-Élysées, or Elysian Fields.


We happened to venture out to the L’Arc du Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées right after a Paris St. Germaine match, obviously a victorious one. It was WILD! Chanting, honking, excited throngs, cars cruising the avenue slowly waving flags.


We watched it for a bit and then wandered off down less crowded streets.


Struck a pose with an F1 driver mannequin…


Our evening ended with crepes at this very unusual eatery. I almost expected the band from the Star Wars cantina to come out.


How charming…


Ladies, I bring you…cucumbers. Just kidding, I have no clue about the context of this statue.


I love how Paris has carefully preserved its artistic heritage…even these art nouveau metro signs.


This building houses 30 artist studios, making me immediately want to revert to my art school days. Oh, to have studied in Paris!


A far off view of Notre Dame surrounded by the city…


The lounge inside the Museum of Modern Art. I wasn’t super fond of this place. The escalators alone caused me quite a panic.


You can see me to the left, enjoying the reflecting pool and the view, from afar, rocking my Air Force Ones (purchased that day for their incredible cushioning support and comfort), jump suit and faux fuzzy satchel.


This sort of reminded me of Howard Finster…


Such an unusual installation! I was shocked that we could actually climb inside this art.


Man in black contemplating colorful box…


Box without contemplating man.


Yeah, one of the exhibits had a dead mouse. C’est un pipe?


Along the River Seine…such a lovely stoll…


We took a cruise up and down the river late one night. It was so romantic and peaceful, a welcome respite from the otherwise bustling metropolis.


I wanted to post a video of the Eiffel Tower sparkling, but I don’t have video on my blog anymore. Oh well…it’s gorgeous even when just lit up!


Transported to another world…


Our fascinating hotel, Vice Versa. It’s named and decorated themed for the seven deadly sins.


La Tour Eiffel!!! It’s insanely massive! I refused to go up any of the elevators. My fear of heights is just too insurmountable. There’s not enough Xanax in the world.


Another fantastic garden…I love those topiaries!


I think this is Napoleon’s tomb. Forgive me if I forget. This was four or five days deep into our whirlwind trip.


Heading up to Sacre Couer and Montmarte…


An incredible guitarist performing on the steps…



An artist in the market up on Montmarte.


Perfect timing for a hilarious shot!


I bought a stunning painting of a kitten for Bam here from this gentleman. We had to do some detective work a day or two later because I didn’t buy it when we took this photo. Live and learn.


This photo is last, but in now way, least. This is me and my precious Aunt Cyndi. I love this gorgeous woman so dearly. She is delightful and so full of love. It was such a treasure to have her and my uncle Mark greet us in Paris (and her brother, Kenny)! It set the tone for the trip and made us feel at ease immediately. J’adore Paris!


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