Looking Kinda Fly…

I’m a little rusty with my blog, so I apologize for the photos being all out of order and for being months behind. It has been a super busy summer! I finally got to go on the annual Montana fly fishing trip in July! We stayed in a lovely cabin right on the banks of the Missouri River, in Cascade, Montana. Two very special family friends greeted us when we arrived, Kris and Nancy. They spend the week with us and organize the meals for everyone. I happily gained five pounds enjoying all the delicious food they lovingly prepared.

Pictured below: Rob and Bo…two of our three fishing guides extraordinaire! (Not pictured, Jeff) Bo is Kris’s son.

The view from the back deck…

Yes, there was some dancing…Mom and Kris getting down.

Susan and Steve joined us for this fabulous trip…

Mom and Me

Me and Becca getting misted at the falls…

A stunning lakeside view…

Mom traversing a log bridge…

This young buck visited the back yard several times…check out those antlers!

Dad enjoying the view in Big Sky country after a long day angling…

Hat. Check. Polarized specs. Check. Buff. Check.

Have you got your gear? I got gear. Rain gear. Check. Bug spray. Check. Binoculars. Check.

More gear! Net! Gloves! Expensive reel! Rubbery shoes!

Me and Becca enjoying the rushing water…can I have one for my backyard?


Mom and me…

Summers are brief in Montana, but WOW, are they ever gorgeous! These flowers were stunning!

I can’t recall which lake this is, but it was VERY windy and chilly…somewhere near the Road to the Sun.


I love the Glacier Park mascot, Rocky. He’s riding a lightning bolt.

I need a t-shirt with Rocky all over it. I love, love, love him!

The view from the lodge was spectacular!

As you can see, the trip to Glacier was just for the girls. The fellas were out fishing that day.

How can I get my flowers to grow this big? Chicky-poo? Miracle Gro? Voodoo?

We got to ride through Browning and see folks gathering for the native festival.

Another fabulous meal courtesy of Kris, Nancy and Bo! Cedar plank salmon! Woohoo!

Our charming fishing lodge…

Bo, Kris and Nancy…what a pleasure to meet you. I hope we get to spend more time together next summer. You are treasures and tremendous blessings in our lives.

Susan, Me and Mom on the river cruise to the Gates of the Mountains…

My first fly-fishing trout catch ever! What a beauty!!!

Strictly catch and release…

Patrick going for a swim…the water is a little chilly but quite refreshing.

Scaring the fish away with a gun show…

Gene and Gene with their amazing kissing trout…

Our stag returns! 

Netting the catch after walking the dog…

Becca learning from Bo…

Gene and Becca

Becca and Gene

A nice catch! 

Trout bandit 

Trout bandits…

Dad hauled in a beauty! 

Gene and Gene 

Like I said, the photos are all over the place, but they capture a small slice of our Montana experience. Big Sky Country is a wild, overwhelming paradise, full of so much rugged beauty. 

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