Teenager at Heart (Or how I refuse to stop wearing shorts and bikinis)

So, tomorrow I celebrate my birthday. 41 years twirling around the sun. I always thought I’d hate being older, even mourned my teens and twenties, but I’ve found that I enjoy the experience and wisdom of my years blended with my wistful, joyful, hopeful outlook. I’m really happy with my life. I’m blessed with wonderful family and friends. Patrick is thriving at college now. I have a fantastic job and quite a few fun hobbies. Icing on the cake…I have someone absolutely amazing with whom to share everything. Lots to celebrate!!! To that end, I’m posting a random assortment of some favorite photos. (Disclaimer…they are in no particular order, and if you don’t show up, don’t take it personally, the Cloud isn’t always easy to navigate on WordPress.) Beyond that, I don’t have anything profound to offer at the moment. Just excited about the gift of another year…WOOHOO! LET’S GO DANCE!

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