Ready, Aim, LAUNCH!

Woohoo! I just posted my new needlepoint designs on Etsy! I wish I had time to complete a finished version of each one. I have so many ideas for different types of thread and colors! The small circular designs are perfect as luggage tag inserts or ornaments. I love sewing needlepoint designs, but have found that the cost of most handpainted canvasses is really high (rightfully so, it does take skill and patience), the materials can be costly and that I wanted more exciting designs (no offense to any artists…I just wanted something to satisfy my peculiar sense of humor and appreciation for the cultural zeitgeist). I really hope that my pieces will appeal to a broad range of folks who like fun, edgy designs.

The canvasses are handpainted (by me, of course) on 18 count cotton canvas in acrylic paint. I’m having to learn as I go along about the process (like using #2 pencils is a bad idea because they smear) and the difference between painting individual intersections (which makes for pinpoint accurate stitching and easier stitching so you don’t have to make decisions about confusing intersections) and taking a more inaccurate, painterly approach (what I do thus far). I’m quite open to anyone who has great advice on creating more aesthetically pleasing canvasses. 

When it comes to choosing threads, I’ll admit that my favorites are the velvet threads (they stitch up beautifully with texture and dimension, plus the stitches blend in together for a really solid look) and the single ply silk threads (I hate plying threads…I’m lazy). My least favorite so far has been a delicate ribbon thread, which frayed horribly and split a lot, and a furry thread, which looked fantastic when finished, but was troublesome to work with. 

I’m hoping to take a class or two soon to learn better needlepoint sewing techniques (and hone my canvas painting craft). Until then, I’m gonna crank away and paint more fun stuff! Please feel free to let me know what you think and check out my Etsy page at Littlebirdsews. 

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