Puppery Posting

I got some really sweet shots of the boys recently (and some other pup related pics), so enjoy…

Skyler is exhausted from ransacking the house. Toys everywhere! Blankets dragged around! Mayhem! Chaos! Running Amok!

Biscuit has the best skeptical face. He’s not putting up with these shenanigans. At ALL.

You’d never guess that he’s 12 years old…

Skyler, on the other hand, looks and acts like a sweetly grumpy little old man.

Still a puppy at heart and in his sleep…

Shades of Mr. Winkle here…

I recently repainted the headstones for two precious family dogs…Hunter and Whiskey Brooks. Dad has created a beautiful pet cemetery in their front yard, surrounded by stone pavers and covered in slate chips. Hunter, Lucy, Whiskey, Maggie, Ling Ling, Sunshine, Prissy and Thomasina are all interred there (plus quite a few of Patrick’s beloved betta fish). I’m so glad that we honor them in a special way. They brought so much joy to our lives, and still do, with the happy memories we shared.

I know…I’m bouncing around a lot. I was really impressed with Skyler’s most recent dental cleaning at the Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic! Apparently, Chihuahuas have terrible teeth that need regular dental cleanings (every 6-12 months).

More sleeping puppehs…I love Skyler when he’s prancing in his dreams!

Such a sweet boy…

I love his pink belly and the pink insides of his ears!

Heather and Skyler…BFFs Forever! Heather takes great care of the boys when I’m at work!


Bitsy Brooks…going for the nose shot!

Look at those moist brown eyes and that butterscotch nose! MWAH! Love you, Miss B!

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