Merry Christmas…from the elevator…

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Regardless of what you celebrate, I love that this time of year, we can celebrate the people we love and share our joy! To all my family and friends, know that I love you, I appreciate you, I’m thankful for you. This year has been full of scary medical problems, but the love and support we received carried us through the hard times. 

Our family gathering last Sunday was wonderful, albeit fraught with peril during the preparation phase. Mom and Dad’s Christmas tree was still sitting outside on Sunday morning, an eight foot tall, full-bodied, live monster. The house was hopping like a stomped ant hill. Dogs running pell mell. Chex Mix flying around. Anarchy. 

Mom–ordering pizzas and prepping the kitchen with snacks, etc. 

Beth–driving to the store and running errands for Mom. 

Dad–full steroid mode, blowing leaves, barking orders.

Bo–following the general’s orders. 

The tree was moved to the corner of the main living room. Dad took my brother up to the attic to get the ornaments. While Bo was rummaging through the attic, Dad decided to load the cart up with items from my mother’s studio (the attic stairs come down into the hallway leading to the studio), but the attic stairs were IN HIS WAY. He pushes the stairs back up to the ceiling, trapping my brother in the attic. Dad wheels into the elevator, hits a button…and gets trapped between the second and first floor. He calls Mom from the elevator and tells her to get the key to manually release the elevator. Mom isn’t tall enough to reach the key atop the sill. Bo, my brother, IS able to, BUT, he’s trapped in the attic (insert R. Kelly song here). Mom can’t open the attic stairs because she’s not tall enough to reach the ring to pull it down, even with the pull stick. So, now Dad is trapped in the elevator and Bo is trapped in the attic. Mom can’t help either one of them. 

I am still not really certain how they were freed, but Dad and Bo were both running around again when I arrived a few hours later. Somehow, the tree was fully decorated, garland haphazardly draped. Mom and Beth erected the twins’ Christmas gift, an adorable teepee, and decorated it with a faux fur rug and soft stuffed animal pillows. I heard the entire story when I arrived with Bam and Papa, then spent several minutes giggling, especially while army-crawling under the tree to adjust the tree skirt. 

The Brooks/Cox/Saxby families noshed on New York Pizza Exchange Pizza (and Mellow Mushroom), various nibbles, and swigged delicious wine, Scotch and cocktails. And just so you know…no one else got trapped on the elevator. 

Enjoy the happy photos and have a FABULOUS NEW YEAR!!! 

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