The Wild Monkey Rumpus and other Halloween Shenanigans…

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m really late posting this. I have been slightly busy. Halloween is possibly my favorite holiday. On to the photos!

Danny and the Japanese Selfie Swan (lookup the video on YouTube–it’s priceless!) or Duck Dick. Whatever you wanna call it. So.Many. Innuendos. LOL.

Carrie (OG Sissy Space version, NOT CGM version) and the Selfie Swan

Carrie and Dark Shadows’ Barnabas Collins

How much fake blood did this take? One pint of stage blood initially. Three pints of acrylic paint. Two cans of spray blood. Four vials of wet dry blood. I’m a walking crime scene. 

Prince, Carrie and Vanity (what do we have in common? only one name each)

Orange flavored cake cupcakes with neon icing and tons of sprinkles!

SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM! Macho Man Randy Savage

Ready for Round Two! Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky running away to a wild monkey rumpus…

I don’t know who this lady was but she is so elegant…possibly a SUPREME. 

Kitten in fishing creel. Check. Binoculars. Check. Saddle shoes and lace top knee socks. Check. 

Oh, and blue eyeshadow, because Suzy is twelve. 

Precious capuchin monkey, not in costume. Loves grapes. 

Miss Veronica! OMG! In love with this gorgeous baby supermodel! 

Melody make Curtis and McKayla these adorable Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf costumes herself! 

MY, what BIG eyes YOU have!

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