Those Pesky Horsemen

Well, folks, the Strife and Pestilence Tour of 2016 continues. I’m trying to maintain a sense of humor about it, but sweet fancy Moses…it’s not easy. Patrick battled pneumonia in April, underwent extensive testing for neurological problems, and has more recently been fighting recurring severe tonsillitis. Bam had a pacemaker put in and got steroid-induced diabetes (yes, that’s a thing). Papa survived a massive heart attack and grueling rehab. Dad is struggling with wildly fluctuating blood pressure, some bizarre form of sarcoidosis that his pulmonologist and doctor buddies have never seen before, and an auto immune skin condition that scorches his body from within. It’s a war on all fronts. 

I also have a nasal polyp, but that’s like a stubbed toe by comparison. I just keep praying for good health for my son, my parents, my grandparents, my whole family and friends circle. All the other BS in the world falls away and becomes utterly trivial when illness strikes your loved ones. So, if I seem at all distracted or scattered lately, this is why. 

We just got great news about Patrick! He does indeed have strep throat, causing his intense pain, swelling and other symptoms. He’s being treated with steroids and penicillin. On top of that, we scored an appointment with an amazing ENT, Dr. Rollins, tomorrow, which is a tremendous miracle because I usually wait weeks or months to see him. I’m not going so far as to be optimistic, but I’m relieved that we know what Patrick has and how to cure it. Plus, we can start planning the tonsil removal. 

Horses corralled! 

(I think this is how Patrick’s throat felt…it certainly looked a lot like this!)

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