Staying busy-ish…

Hi there! I’m trying to get back into my writing habit. Now that my son has returned to college, I have kept super busy with various activities and projects. Lots of sand volleyball, movies, quilting, needlepoint, and home improvement (Well, by that, I mean cleaning out the garage and hanging pictures. I am the anti-handyman. No kidding, I have giant holes in my walls from attempting to install drywall screws. Urgh.) 

I’m working on a quilt using Cotton & Steel fabrics. I love this line, all of it. The fabrics have infinite color options and the cutest patterns AND metallic details. The quilt pattern is very odd, since it’s not just blocks. There are all sorts of little bits, so I’m not sure how it will come together.

I’m also working on a needlepoint eyeglass case for a dear friend. I chose the parrot case below. I’m doing the parrot in sumptuous velvety thread, which should pop off the canvas. The colors are jewel-toned. I think I’m also going to attach Austrian crystals on the crown. 

Introducing…the Grey Goose! My BMW was put out to pasture after multiple oil leaks and strut damage rendered the car too expensive to fix (just wasn’t worth it). I needed a great road trip car since I travel back and forth to Nashville.  Enter the Honda Accord Touring Sedan, fully loaded with every conceivable bell, whistle and sensor. It also has lovely 19″ wheels and striking rims. I chose the gunmetal grey since it has some sparkle (the black was flat, meh). The interior is grey on grey leather with smoky grey wood paneling. It has some zip with a V6 engine and 285 ponies. 

Another UFO has touched down! I finally finished these kookaburras (from Saffron Craig) for the twins. I added a pocket in the base of both filled with lizard litter to give them some heft and stand them upright. I thought the bright yellow polka dot grosgrain ribbon really complemented the fabric design nicely!

These are the twins! Curtis and McKayla! He loves his little knit tiger and she loves dancing to music! I fell in love with these sweeties! They are beyond delightful. Love them so much!

Look at those faces!!! McKayla has earrings and a bracelet! So sweet! I love Curtis’ little John-John (I think that’s what it’s called). 

I’ll have more to post soon! 

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