Sophomore Streak

(Posted a couple of days late…) So, I’m in Franklin, bringing Patrick back to Belmont. We stayed with wonderful family friends and moved him into the dorm late this afternoon (Such a good idea! We missed the big crowds!). This is a vital year for Patrick…I’m hoping he’ll get busy with tons of new and exciting endeavors. Emily is attending Belmont too now! It’s her freshman year. I know she is going to encourage him a lot. 

He’s living in a great apartment this year with three other guys. It looks brand new and is completely furnished with the necessities. He’s thrilled to have his own room. It was really difficult freshman year not having any privacy, living with a roommate. He wanted to get things settled himself, so after a super quick move-in, I left to have dinner with our hosts. 

I thought it would be easier this year to leave him at school. I’m not overwhelmed with sadness, but I don’t look forward to a quiet house and loneliness. Even though he wasn’t around much this summer, knowing he would come home occasionally was a comfort. We’d watch movies, eat dinner together or hunt Pokemon. Sometimes, we’d just have good talks. 

Oh well, I know he is excited to be back at school and learning so much. I can’t wait to see how the semester goes! I think he is going to kick ass! 

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