Downsizing Blues

It’s my next to last night at the Otter house. I have the tears dammed up, but I know that will only hold so long. I rub Skyler on the back and look at how he’s suddenly turned into a wizened little old dog. He’s 84 in people years. Biscuit still looks and acts like a puppy, but he’s only 77 in people years. Oddly, Skyler’s accelerated aging reminds me more than anything else that time has stormed across our lives, that Patrick is grown, at college and probably never moving back home. I’m so very sad about leaving this wonderful, ginormous, money-gobbling house. How lucky we have been to live here. For all of my bitching and moaning about the things I couldn’t afford to fix, I appreciate that we got to enjoy living here at all. Such a gift. To be fair, it’s time to let it go. Otter Creek served its purpose and gave Patrick the best teenage years possible, filled with shooting hoops, wading in the creek, riding bicycles, sleepovers, parties, everything. The Giving House. We take all of our best memories of this house with us. But it’s empty without Patrick and all of his friends here. I miss Drake, Chris, Tim, Jonathan, Ross, Kara, Emily, Brown, Bryce, Oliver, William, Innes…all the kids. This place used to be full of life and laughter. It won’t be anymore, at least not with those special kids. They have grown up and gone to college, as well they should. I didn’t grieve when I helped Patrick move into his dorm room. I was on too much depression medication to really feel anything. I was afraid to experience those emotions. I’m not afraid now, but it’s still going to be hard. 

I must remind myself that it will feel good to let it go. Otter Creek needs to be filled up with a boisterous family once again. 

Update on Tuesday night…the move on Friday went very smoothly. Signature Moving is my favorite moving company. They are experts and do an impeccable job. Furniture is wrapped with blankets and plastic wrap. Doorways are wrapped in blankets. Everything is handled efficiently, but with greatest care. 

Saturday rolled around and Susie brought her Nissan Armada over and loaded up almost everything that was left in Patrick’s room (Legos, Bionicles, Hot Wheels, airplanes, inflatable goats, etc.). Her friendship and support means the world to me. She gets things done fast! (Susie is a triathlete and in much better shape than me.) We had both her SUV and my little BMW packed full in no time. I took a break when we got finished to attend Lindsay’s baby shower (Which was the least painful, most pleasant, totally game-free baby shower ever. Well done, ladies! Congrats, Lindsay!).

Sunday, another dear friend, Mr. Bob Pierce volunteered his sweat and Ford F-150 truck for more loads. And yes, you’re probably wondering why the movers didn’t get all this junk. They handle furniture and packed moving boxes, not plastic bins full of breakable and stuffed animals. It’s a liability issue. And I kind of get embarrassed by the tremendous wealth of stuff I possess. I’d rather entrust it, and my hoard, to a good friend. I had such fun working with him all day! We made two trips and cleared out two levels of the house (only one left to go!). 

By the next Friday, everything I wanted was out of Otter Creek. On Sunday, Dad showed me and Mom the freshly painted shutters, window box and front door (I planted flowers in them on Monday). 


Update from over a week and a bit later…settling in nicely now. I love the white noise of 285 rumbling in the background. I can’t stand pure silence. My cable and Internet are working–woohoo! I’m still going to watch The Walking Dead with Bam and Papa. Papa really gets a kick out watching me watch the show, especially since I cuss like Yosemite Sam unfettered by the FCC. I love being this close to them. I can get to their house in 5 minutes or less! 

I’ll post more later this week, but here’s a few snaps of my kitchen!   

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