The Chandelier Saga continues…

Hi everyone! I was so excited the other night when I discovered that someone who reads my post submitted a comment with a website linking me to the chandelier I so madly covet. (Many thanks to this wonderful reader!) Alas, the story does not end there. The site refuses to accept my payment. I verified my email address, entered the proper billing address, checked and rechecked all the info, and cannot get payment to go through. It’s driving me INSANE. 

I can’t call anyone because the seller is located in China (different seller than the eBay seller though, I checked). I’m afraid to try a wire transfer since I never give out my checking account information. And I’m worried that once again I’ll have limited recourse to obtain my chandelier or a refund. Mostly I just want the blinking chandelier. The WebMoney option took me down a black hole of financial junk that I could not navigate. 

Should I give up? Should I brave the wire transfer process? Should I try Western Union (another option)? My thinking cap has spontaneously combusted. 

Here’s that pesky chandelier…just out of reach!


On a happier note…my Stan Smith, Pharrell Williams edition Adidas came in the mail today all the way from Kazahkstan, by way of France!    


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