Long Time, No Floof

Hey Everybody! Most of my sewing stuff has been packed away to de-clutter my big house (which is up for sale). I’m getting beyond stir crazy about it and jonesing for some quilt top assembly. Temporary solution: needlepoint. I completed one ornament (a gift for Dad, sorry, no photo) and started on another eyeglass case. It’s a bright, beachy scene!


I have been obsessing over a couple other things lately. Two purchases on eBay that have me flummoxed. Back in December, after I closed on my new townhouse, I ordered lots of light fixtures, some from Build.com, Lowe’s, etc. I found a STUNNING chandelier for my dining room on eBay. Ordered it. Paid for it. Was prepared to wait several weeks for it to ship from China. And then…nothing. It was due to arrive by January 20th. Nope. No chandelier. And no tracking information, which really irks me. The company, in Hong Kong, had bad feedback within the past six months. The disgruntled buyer said they never received their package, or any email response, and had to ask eBay for a refund. Now I’m on the same delightful track. No response to emails. No tracking info. No chandelier. BOOOOOOOOO! I’m giving it a couple more days before I ask eBay for a refund and go absolutely apeshit mental on the company’s feedback page. Apparently they have managed to deliver 16 or 17 other orders, but not mine or the other disgruntled person’s orders. Don’t tease me! Just send me the light fixture!!! (I am quite adept at finding things online, but I can’t find this chandelier anywhere else on the Internet. And, boy, have I tried. Looked at THOUSANDS of chandeliers. URGH.)

Here’s the chandelier headed over on a slow boat, if at all: 


I have one other eBay gripe, for which I am partly responsible. I got a wild hair to invest in more Stan Smith Adidas tennis shoes, after Mom and Dad gave me a fantastic pair covered in black snake-skin printed suede for Christmas. So I jumped on eBay. You would think that being a regular eBay user since ’98 or ’99, I would maybe have learned to look closely at the seller’s profile to ensure their legitimacy. But no. I’m a doofus when I get inspired. Click, click, click. Click, click. BOOM! Pharrell-Williams-designed, yellow leather with red polka dots, Stan Smith Adidas. Stupidly ordered from a seller in Kazahkstan. Here’s my vital nugget of advice…NEVER buy from a STAN. I think he had five feedback total. Almost six weeks later, no shoes and he’s no longer a registered user on eBay. He got kicked off. With my moolah. Farewell, moolah. 

Here are the sneakers that will never arrive:

I have to laugh at myself because I keep being reborn as a sucker on a regular basis. 

OH! And I have something else to laugh at myself about…I think I’ve always known this in the back of my mind, and it even got mentioned a few posts ago. I love throwing things. At Christmas, little Reynolds Abernethy started tossing teeny Beanie Babies all over my parents’ living room and it DELIGHTED ME. More recently, at Coco’s annual Mardi Gras Party, I discovered a bowl full of gold, purple and green plastic coins. I couldn’t resist. Handfuls of coins flying through the air, littering the entire living room, dining room and kitchen. 

Not even beverages were safe from the coin attack…

Coins in midair!!! Wooohoooo!!!


What can I say? I like throwing things. 

I laughed until I started coughing. And then I laughed some more. I pelted everyone with coins for two or three hours. 

Here’s Craig, sans feather boa, but with feathery hat…

Coco, the fabulous hostess, et moi

Coco’s beau, Darren, Coco and her meteorologist brother, Henry


Me and Craig en masque  
Rod and Darren. Looking good fellas!


No post is ever complete without Floof tax. I gotta pay. 

Biscuit in his favorite chair   
Skyler in his Boppy


If you look closely, you can see the twinkling of tiny snowflakes in his fur. Reminds him of his homeland, sort of. He’s a Tibetan Spaniel. Born in the USA. 


More of Skyler prancing in his sleep  

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2 Responses to Long Time, No Floof

    • shnelly13 says:

      OMG!!! Thank you so much for finding this! You have made my week! I truly appreciate this! I’m a little blown away that folks read my posts, and even more tickled that you went to the trouble of finding it. Such a gift! I’ll post photos of the chandelier when it’s hanging in my new home. And I’ll have you to thank for it! Many, many thanks!

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