That is one handsome boy you’ve got there, ma’am…

Years ago, in some backwoods restaurant, bar and tack shop, after several rounds of golf in a far-flung locale, my dad unwittingly insulted an infant. He told the young mother that she had a fine, handsome young boy, to which she coldly replied that it was a girl. Dad felt terrible for the unintended slight, and offered to buy everyone’s dinner. We’re not sure if he actually intended to pay for the meals and drinks of EVERYONE in the place, or if it was a beer haze talking, but that’s what ensued. A rather large Amex bill hit the mailbox the next month, which jogged his memory, of at least what spurred the generous offering. 

We took Bitsy up to Blue Ridge with us last weekend for our girls excursion. Since she’s too little to walk everywhere and go in the shops, we bought her a fabulous stroller in a pet shop on the strip. It folds up, has a mesh front for privacy, and all the pockets you could want for storage. And leash attachments to secure your pet. Ingenious! 

A young man strolling his baby offered to take our picture when he saw Mom taking my photo. It wasn’t until he faced us that he realized the stroller contained an adorable little dog, rather than a baby! He was quite startled, especially because he was actually strolling a child. Tons of folks took photos of Miss Bee in her carriage. Practice the royal wave, Bee. 

 She loves watching Outlander with us…Scottish men, hot sex and lassies, oh my! 

We also got Bitsy a lovely stretchy knit winter fleece. It fits her like a glove!   
 Nachos! On top of Nacho Cheese Doritos! (They don’t stay crispy though…it might be easier to make a layered dip and then scoop it up on Doritos.)   
The deer just outside Mom’s cabin when we arrived! I had never seen them this close before! They weren’t afraid of us at all!

There are some really cool new boutiques in Blue Ridge! I loved the art work in this shop!  

I love the combination of the saw horse table, the deco mirror and the chicken wire earring display!  

Loved River Gypsy! The decorations really reminded me of Anthropologie, and the clothes weren’t insanely overpriced. 
We got together the day before Bam’s birthday for lunch with her, Papa, Mom, Bam, Beebo and Kori. Mom picked up Olive Garden for everyone. (I apologize for the yellow-y cast to the photos…we look oddly jaundiced. Thanks, iPhone. What was the deal?!? No matter…Bam always looks great!)  

Aunt Beebo, Mom, me and Bam…so happy to be together!   

Olive Garden gives you a ton of good food!    
No photo series is ever complete without and awkward chewing shot…   

 I can’t wait to be over my illness so I can spend more time with Bam and Papa. I have been missing them too much with all the hullabaloo of the holidays and being sick. And I missed Dad’s birthday dinner because of this yucky cough. 
Happy, happy birthday to Bam and Dad! Love you lots more than I can express! 

Awesome early Nineties photo of Dad (mustached man on screen)…such a baller!   
Selfie of me and Bam!


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