Consumption and Extractions

Howdy, all. Sorry for being off the radar. Since late December, I have been battling my old nemesis, the sinus infection, and its partner in crime, severe bronchitis. I’m starting to tell people that I have consumption or the black lung. My cough is really dramatic and disruptive. It’s like trying to carry on a conversation inside a runaway washing machine. I thought that I had cleared up the sinus infection right after New Years but then bronchitis came to town. Mom and I had gone up to the cabin for a girls weekend (YAY). I had been looking forward to nachos and SoCo Lime and Coke. Sadly, I spent most of the time eating chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel (did you know that you can get a HUGE tray full for $25?!?). After a week of hacking up my lungs, I visited the doc in the box at Walgreens (my Humana plan lapsed for the month of January…thanks to my own absurd lack of follow-through). The brilliant FNP, Olga, inquired as to why no one had been managing my allergies and asthma, i.e., an ENT and a lung doctor. Looking through my charts, she deduced in 5 minutes that I was most certainly afflicted with both maladies and require specialists to provide preventative measures. Wow. She put me on prednisone to reduce the inflammation in my chest, albuterol for my nebulizer machine and doxycycline for the infection. I’m looking forward to telling her what a great job she did when she calls to check on me. Olga is seriously super impressive. 


I’m not the only one under the weather. Skyler was at the Clairmont Animal Hospital last night, after having NINE teeth extracted. Poor little Skybaby had abscessed roots under multiple teeth. I’m glad that his general vet put him on antibiotics and Metacam last week. Sky hasn’t been feeling well for some time. Dr. George performed the dental cleaning and extractions. He called me before the procedure to let me know that, in addition to Skyler’s grade 3 heart murmur, he is also mildly anemic right now and has elevated kidney levels. This complicated matters since they couldn’t give Skyler extra fluids to flush out his kidneys–it would put a strain on his heart. I really can’t praise Dr. George highly enough for the level of care he has given Skyler (and for keeping in touch with updates). He’s so positive and makes sure you understand everything. After my little pappi-huahua recovers from his extractions, he’s going in for abdominal scans and a full panel work up with Dr. George. I really hope that the teeth were causing the other issues and that Sky will recover fully. His best buddy, Biscuit, was despondent all night. He kept going out on the porch searching for Skyler, going to the garage door, looking around with a confused expression. The boys have seldom been separated since we adopted Skyler back in 2005, except for when he ran away for two days. 

Before surgery… 

After surgery…looking more spry. 

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