An Ode to Joy

October, November and December, up to now, have been filled with exciting, wonderful things. My wild toad ride across the U.S. with the pups, Bam’s lung tumor dying, and a truly joyous Thanksgiving. Now we add in my parent’s 30 year wedding anniversary and my mom’s birthday! Woohoo! (Read my past post, THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!! if you need a recap.)


Gene and Donna, my parents, are so perfectly suited to each other. After 30 years, they are still in love, best friends, confidants, business partners, miracle makers. When they got married, Dad knew we were a package deal. He asked me if I wanted to take his name and be his daughter. I agreed. It meant the world to me that he loved not only my mom so much, but also me. He’s a man of remarkably strong character and utterly devoted to his family. 

But wait! There’s more! 

The reason I haven’t contributed a blog post in ages…I got the Otter Creek house on the market and under contract! Aaaaannnnnnd, I am the proud owner of a new townhome. Hopefully, I will move in sometime during February. I spent most of December sprucing up the old house, packing away clutter, cleaning EVERYTHING, and getting minor repairwork completed. Special thanks to Chris Van Meter, professional actor and owner of Your Pressure Washer, LLC, for doing a fabulous job on the exterior! It SPARKLES! And thanks to Billy Dillard of Dillard Home Improvement & Remodeling for patching up all the holes in doors and walls, plus replacing all the burnt out lightbulbs (a formidable task)! I found both of these fantastic companies on, my new source for excellent contractors.   

To top everything off, the pups spent the day at the Clairmont Animal Hospital getting echocardiograms. This will help the vets tailor their anesthesia to prevent any complications during their dental cleanings. Skyler has monstrous halitosis due to excessive tartar buildup…I don’t call him Stinky Wizzleteats just to be cute. He has a grade three heart murmur, and I need to watch him closely to see if he has developed a cough due to an enlarged heart or potential congestive heart failure (though the vet thinks this is unlikely so far). Biscuit has a mild heart murmur but also an arrythmia, which makes anesthesia for surgery a more delicate matter. Thankfully, neither pup requires medication at this time.   

Dad spearheaded the new house upgrades that I wanted, like white marbled countertops and pale bone cabinets stained with grey in the creases. I truly appreciated everything he has done to make this move possible. I’m thrilled at the idea of having a substantially smaller mortgage and utility bills. 

We celebrated our family holiday get together on Sunday too. We did it potluck style this year and just had the BBQ catered (Shane’s). I saw Patrick hold a baby for the first time ever…his cousin, McKayla Rose. She and her twin brother, Curtis, are the first babies born in our family since Patrick. Whew! Long time, no baby! 


The holidays have been too jam-packed for me to keep up! I’ll post more ASAP. 

 Merry Christmas and a very Joyous New Year to all my dear friends and wonderful family! I love you so very much!

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