Farewell, Little Quilts

A week before I came home from my trip, I got some upsetting news. Mary Ellen of Little Quilts is retiring and closing up shop. I’m not sure how many years Bam and I have shopped at Little Quilts, probably for a good decade. The ladies there made me an apron and towels as a wedding gift back in 2011. Mary Ellen, Linda, Wanda, (forgive my spotty memory if I don’t name everyone)…all of the ladies were so kind and always enthusiastic about the projects we brought in. It was the sort of place that was good for your soul, filled with exciting possibilities. 

I visited the shop one more time two Saturday’s ago, holding back tears as I walked in the door. Bustling and lively, ladies were snapping up great deals and Mary Ellen was taking off an additional 20% of everything for the day. My mind just can’t accept that it will be gone soon. Nothing stays the same, but this breaks my heart. I’m happy for Mary Ellen, bereft at the loss. This was the place that inspired, and supplied, some of my most fabulous quilt creations. How many days did Bam and I spend together shopping and laughing and enjoying this place? Not enough, never enough. 

Farewell, Little Quilts. I’ll miss you terribly. 


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