That’s right! This is the best day ever!  (Well, actually, Tuesday was. My post is two days late. And it’s the best day ever since my mom survived her emergency surgery and then came home from the hospital, and when Patrick was accepted to Belmont, and graduated from Mount Vernon.) 

Bam’s lung tumor is tiny now, almost gone. Dr. Nowlan said that it is either DEAD or DYING! She never had any signs of  malignant lymph activity either. Hallelluhah! Praise God! 

Our Thanksgiving this year is going to be phenomenal! We have so much to celebrate! Mom’s good health, Dad’s good health (he had a skin cancer scare), the birth of Curtis and McKayla, and now Bam’s amazing triumph over this tumor! 

Many, many thanks to Dr. Nowlan, to all of Bam’s doctors, nurses and medical receptionists, to everyone who said prayers over her, to everyone in our family who attended appointments, visited, brought food and good cheer, to Donna Nix and everyone at her salon, to John and everyone at UPS, to Georgette and the wonderful folks of Waffle House, to everyone who knows and loves Bam. The blessings are overwhelming and wonderful!

(I don’t have a photo from Tuesday, but I love this one of Peanut and Bam!)


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