Honeysuckle Homecoming

As my trip draws to a quiet close, I have some musings. 

This journey has been exciting and somewhat treacherous. I narrowly missed a hurricane, flooding, a blizzard, tornadoes, and a riot. Oh, and got freaked out by a marauding junkie and what I can only guess was a biker gang or Mothman. I’m leaning towards biker gang. 

I’m probably the only person who can injure themselves puking. I dislocated my jaw joint out of line when altitude sickness hit me in Estes, Colorado. With the lovely guidance of my dentist, Michael Cox, DDS, I started taking Motrin four times a day to reduce inflammation. I really need muscle relaxants too, but I can’t take those until I get home. My jaw was feeling better this morning and seemed to be healing itself slowly. And then, I sneezed. Now my jaw is crooked and aching again. Urgh! (Side note update…the muscle relaxants knock me OUT! I’m sleeping like a corpse every night. I’m not sure if my jaw is getting better but I have never been more well rested.)

With the exception of two drinks in ABQ, I haven’t had any drinks this trip either. I was hoping to have a nice SoCo and Coke tonight before dinner, but Bricktop was out. I really bemoan the pitiful absence of Southern Comfort througout bars everywhere. They might have a bottle of gin with dust bunnies growing all over it, but God forbid they have the sweet, caramel-laced heaven of SoCo. I could maybe even understand if it was expensive or hard to get, but it’s not pricey, though also not embarrassingly cheap. And woe to the barkeep who stocks a “generic” version of SoCo. How dare you pour that swill in my glass?!? I CAN taste the difference. What did you save? 30 cents? Excuse me. I’ll go back to quietly griping about my SoCo and the red Swingline stapler that you stole. 

The pups are truly the most fabulous travel companions. Seriously, they get rock star treatment. They get smiles from all but the most hardened curmudgeons. When I wake up, they greet me sweetly and cuddle in bed (yeah, I hate the word cuddle under most circumstances, but it’s all cool if Biscuit and Skyler do it). I feel like I know them better and love them even more than ever before. Such a great bonding experience! (Skyler and I suffered through digestive kaboom intermittently throughout the trip.)

I don’t have many photos from Nashville, except for the pups. Patrick is sometimes camera shy. I’m trying to respect that since I went through a no-camera phase as a teen. I regret it now, but I understand and won’t push it. We ate dinner with Dad at Ruth’s Chris on Wednesday night, and then at Bricktop on Thursday night. I also took Patrick to get a haircut. 


The boys liked the Drury Inn in St. Louis… 


I liked the local park!

 Snoozy Biscuit  

Jody at the Drury Inn hotel in St. Louis recommended this place for breakfast. Fantastic sweet rolls filled with yummy things. I LOVED the spinach rolls!

Biscuit being mischievous in the pillows…


My honey bunny
 Friday morning, Dad and I headed home to Atlanta. Thankfully, it was an easy trip. Sometimes Chattanooga is a parking lot. I’m so happy to be home. There is no place like home….there is no place like home…there is no place like home. 

The pups seem so relaxed now and love their new routine. We sleep in my big bed together (king-sized, but I only get six inches on the right side). They eat kibble mixed with Blue Chicken Stew twice a day, and we take walks two or three times a day. I’m so proud that we established better habits and revamped their housetraining. 

I haven’t had a chance yet to compose my thoughts about the massacre in Paris, but I will. If anything, it makes me that much more thankful to be in the arms of loved ones. And gives me pause and prayers for the lost souls. 

For those who have followed my journey, thank you for your love and support. Everyday is a blessing. 

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