A Snoozy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! I’m not doing much tonight. I needed to pack and get ready to leave for Pasadena in the morning, so I didn’t dress up in costume or go to any Halloween festivities. I did, however, have a most lovely dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I had never eaten there before. The petite filet was truly fabulous! Even better, more time with Cyndi, Mark and Summer. I will miss them so much when I go back home. Thank you so muchfor a wonderful time together! I cherish it!

I’ll recount the last few days before I hit the road again…

Tuesday night, Skyler was puppy kaboom. I think he ate something that disagreed with him, so Summer took him to work with her Wednesday morning and got him situated in a nice cozy kennel for the day. Biscuit was very unhappy to be left alone back at the hotel and trashed his crate. All would be forgiven when Summer sent home chicken and rice for them to eat for dinner.

Skyler needed to be under observation during the day while Mark and Cyndi took me SAILING! Woohoo! Adventure on the bay!

I just like the name of this boat.

I also like the name of the boat behind Cyndi, on the right. “It’s Complicated”. LOL!

Mark was a Navy Seal in his younger days and is a fine captain. He has so much confidence and a wealth of knowledge about the ocean.   

Do I look nervous? I’m really super freaking nervous right here. If driving an ATV was disastrous for me, piloting a sail boat is a horrid idea. But hey, at least there aren’t any trees to hit, right?

We saw lots of helicopers overhead.

This is a cool shot from under the bridge to Coronado Island. You can see under it for a long way.

I wasn’t seasick, which was nice. Though I had been nauseous all night and all day, which wasn’t.

We turned the motor off and sailed all throughout Mission Bay. We passed the Midway, the San Salvador (which Summer and Mark volunteer on), the Star of India and the curious rusting hull of a Russian submarine. Cyndi was really great at cranking those ropes and things. And Mark is so calm and patient directing the action.

It got really choppy and windy during the second portion of the ride. Hmmm, I do not like sitting at a sharp diagonal angle in the water.

This little seat isn’t nearly as precarious feeling as it looks. I got down a minute later, even so. You can see the Midway behind me!

I was super excited to see this seal flopped out on the buoy! Biscuit, it’s your distant cousin!
The end of another gorgeous day in paradise…

We made a Target run to help Rosie and Steven find missing elements for their Halloween costumes. Chris and Kaylin are so cute together!

Speaking of cute…here is Biscuit sleeping through the loud knocking noises that plagued me, not the dogs, Wednesday night, all night. Apparently, it was a dying hot water heater, and not a kung-fu movie being filmed upstairs, causing all the ruckus.

Cyndi took me to a really cool shopping area on Thursday, on Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach. A lot of the shops were maybe too swanky for my budget, but the Leaping Lotus was full of affordable treasures. It’s like an artist’s market, but the vendors don’t have to stand there and watch you. Everything is numbered and labeled so you just take all purchases to one register area. The vendors change constantly so you always find something new and fabulous. Plus, they apply discounts at the register.

I just liked the name of this dog spa. Muttropolis!

Puny little Skyler and his injured eye…and rumbly tummy.

Biscuit chillin’

Cyndi took me to Coronado Island on Friday!

There are some really cool, beautiful houses here.   
Several presidents have visited this house over the years and stayed here.


The Stupendous Hotel Del Coronado!


I just HAD to visit this store!

Two doors down, the Attic has really awesome gift-y stuff.

Check out these new Victorian houses! All the style but none of the ancient bad plumbing and wiring!

I made the really stupid mistake of taking my dogs to the dog beach today. Not a good idea. Skyler behaved like a rabid, crack-addled super freak, snarling at EVERY dog there. Biscuit almost got swept out to sea by a 10-inch wave (he’s not very tall). We left, frustrated, sandy, wet and more than a little nonplussed. They both promptly received baths back at the hotel.

I went to see Maker Place today with Cyndi. It’s a very cool idea. I’m considering my own version of it, but with a quilting/sewing dimension.

The skeletons riding in the Mustang were parked nearby.

After feeling bummed out by the unsuccessful jaunt with the pups, I decided to have some alone time at La Jolla Shores Beach. With no bikini, boogie board or company, I departed quickly.

Ahhhhhhhh…Now, I’m happy.

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