Delightful San Diego Days

 Yikes! I’m getting really backlogged on blogs! Too many fun things to do! Summer took me to Old Town San Diego on Monday for some exploring and shopping. I love it!

Everything is decorated for Dia de Los Muertos! 

Invisible Biscuit   
Cyndi took me to Mt. Soledad to see the beautiful Veterans Memorial. It was a perfect, gorgeous day to admire the monument. Quite moving.

Her family honored her father, Justiniano Baca, with this plaque, which rests just below Gerald Ford’s plaque. What a handsome man! I wish that I could have met him. 

 Cyndi relaxing at home. Take a look at the photos above her. It’s Cyndi, Summer and Mark, all at age four, in sepia toned photos. Such a gorgeous, happy family! Love them all so much!  
Skipping around a bit…Summer took me to the Johnson House, an incredible vintage boutique in Old Town. She worked here years ago and loved all the intricate, delicate clothes. 

The skirt isn’t real patchwork…I just saw the selvedge.    
Sure, I don’t NEED a beaded, velvet, fringed shawl, but I really WANT one. 

This is the historic Casa de Estudillo, built circa 1830, rehabbed in 1910 and 1972. A Registered National Historical Landmark.    
Oops! I’m not super organized about knowing landmarks and remembering their names. This is a Catholic church next door. It’s lovely.   
This cemetery is nearby. People still leave toys at the graves of several children who died young, well over a hundred years ago. There’s something both chilling and heartbreaking about it. 

Gravemarkers are imbedded in the sidewalk and street for graves that were unfortunately in the way of progress. 

We toured the infamous Whaley House! I was so excited to see this since I have seen it on Travel Channel and Discovery Channel shows over the years.    
 The docents really get into character!   
 They decorated the house in traditional mourning decor for Halloween. I think there’s a ghost in this picture! Oh wait…that’s just me.    
 Outside in the main square of Old Town   
The festive Dia de Los Muertos decorations are so interesting. This altar celebrates the life of Mae Questel, the voice of Popeye’s Olive Oil and Betty Boop. 


Skyler hasn’t had the best week. He managed to scratch his left cornea on something, leaving him with a painfully swollen left eye. He could barely open it. We visited Summer’s vet hospital where she works as a vet tech. He got antibiotic and healing eye drops plus pain meds. The vet was so kind and handled him so gently. So glad we could get in to see her! Thank you, Summer, for taking care of my little man.   


Tuesday night, we went to dinner with Cyndi’s brother, Kenny. He lives in a lovely home in Del Mar, overlooking the sea. It’s stunning and modern.    

This is a fig tree, well, over a hundred years old, and still produces figs!

Me and Cyndi

Mark and Kenny


All of us together! Such a fabulous dinner at Prep Kitchen! The pumpkin bread pudding with vanilla bean gelato was sumptuous! Kenny started a very successful flower distribution business many years ago with one rented truck! I truly enjoyed meeting him! 

The boys seem a little upset that THEY weren’t invited to the fancy dinner. These shots were taken not long before Skyler went puppy kaboom. Apparently, in addition to his eye injury, he ate something quite disagreeable. We were all awake at 3 and 4 that morning for potty breaks outside. Poor little buddy. 


That gets us up to Wednesday. I’ll hit the blog again sometime tomorrow evening. Whew! I need a scribe! 

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