Golden Pride to the Golden Coast

Betho treated me to breakfast burritos before we departed ABQ! Woohoo Golden Pride!    

Chez Chamberlin! Love this charming house!

On the road to Tucson…lots of little fluffy clouds. “The sunsets were long…they were purple and red and yellow and on fire. You don’t see that anymore. You might still see it in the desert.” –The Orb, Little Fluffy Clouds


I did not know that Saguaro cacti only live in Arizona! They don’t start growing arms until they are 75-100 years old. Late bloomers!


If I were the cactus, I would make fun of me. I am tremendously dorky. 

This gas station had it all…pottery, wind catchers, welded velociraptors. I wanted to strap them onto my car’s roof. 


A Wild Mustang!

Stegosaurus and T-Rex, with a baby T-rex!


Gila Monster!

A closeup of Stegosaurus eyelashes…


Mom! Kenny bit me!

My paleontologist roots are showing…


Baby T-Rex

An Iconic Warrior


After a night in Tucson, Betho and I arrived in San Diego! We checked into the fabulous Marriott Residence Inn Suites in La Jolla and met Uncle Mark, Aunt Cyndi and cousin Summer for dinner. Oh, and also met Mr. Thumbs, the mildly feral cat that Summer adopted. He can open door knobs with those thumbs!

That night, we went to Seaport Village for dinner and toured the little shopping district. Very cool! I decided a return trip to the surf store would definitely be in order! (Sorry, no pics of this. My selfie stick broke. Damn you, Walmart and your AS-SEEN-ON-TV products!)

It was hard to say farewell to Betho, but I understand that Phil could only live without his sunshine for so long. Many thanks to Beth and Phil for hosting the ABQ leg of my journey! I love you!


Chillin with the pups and doing some needlepoint…

Cyndi took me to meet her nephew Steven, his wife, Rosie, their kids Chris and Kaylin. (Forgive me if I mispelled anything…I’ll correct it as requested!) I’m blown away by what a sweet, wonderful, loving family they are! Such great folks! It is beyond a pleasure getting to know them!


Rosie, Steven and Summer researching Halloween costumes!


Chris is such a precious big brother to his little sis!

Could Kaylin be any cuter?!?


No evening is complete without MORE Bisquichito!

And a sleepy Skyler…


We went to bed early Saturday night so we could get up at 5:30 am on Sunday and attend Chris’s first school surf team heats! Very exciting! I even saw a gorgeous sunrise!

(Notice the guy in the striped shorts getting arrested for being surly and disorderly on the beach.)

Kaylin loves Chris so much! 


Lovely ladies!



Mark and Steven talking coffee…

More sweetness…


The O.B. (Frozen in time and quite charming in a hippie dippie way)

The boys giving me the evil eye from the window. They wanted to go to the beach!


Check out the red-tail hawk!  

A popular hang-gliding spot…nope, I didn’t do any hang-gliding. I loathe heights and falling from high places. 


What a view!


Me and my incredible Aunt Cyndi!


Uncle Mark and me!

How does Biscuit feel about our Residence Inn? Faaaaaaabulous!

And more sleepy time…


Betho gave this super fun card before she left! 



I’m so thrilled to be on this trip of a lifetime! I’m getting time with special people I love and so seldom get to see. I have NEVER gotten to spend this much one-on-one time with Mark, Cyndi and Summer. It’s funny to look at Mark and see how much he and my Dad resemble each other. Cyndi is so vibrant and sensitive. Summer is brilliant and fascinating. Mark is incredibly kind and patient. They are a remarkably close, content and complete family. I feel beyond blessed to share this time with them! 

Many thanks to my amazing family (my mom and dad especially for making this all possible!), to my grandparents, to Patrick (my precious son working hard at Belmont), to my cousins, to my friends, to everyone who has given me support and love! I’m sharing my adventure with you and wishing we were all together doing these fun things!

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