Biscuit and Skyler’s Excellent Adventure continues! They have been enjoying the lovely accomodations at Casa Chamberlin. I love that Biquichito is giving me his best non-plussed look. He is very upset that the kitties, ducks and chickens don’t want to be friends.


The neighborhood is quite charming!

The pups really like it!


Especially Snow Park!

My little Holstein Pig napping peacefully…

My Little Houdini…


I didn’t do much on Monday, so Tuesday I scheduled a trolley tour of Albuquerque. ABQ Trolley Company provides Breaking Bad tours and Best of Albuquerque tours, as well as a ghost tour. Goofy Me set off for the address given online without bothering to notice that it departs from the Hotel Albuquerque. I drove around Old Town for 15 minutes before calling for that tidbit.  Mike was our driver (one of the founders of the company) and Rorik was our tour guide. 

Yeah, a statue of some important historical figure. I have no memory for such things. I like the fountain though. 

To the left of the driver, you can see the Virgin Mary carved into a cottonwood stump, that was moved from behind the church to in front of the Catholic church, after the tree was badly damaged in a storm. It was hand carved by a man with a butter knife, hand painted and completed just days before his death.


You might recognize this neighborhood from Wild Hogs, Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul. ABQ has a lot of film production going on!

Jesse Pinkman’s house from Breaking Bad! 

Ted  Beneke’s House from  Breaking Bad!


Not a famous house…I just liked the huge spiders climbing down it. 


The Dog House! I’d love to see the neon lights at night. 


Fabulous original architecture! ABQ really appreciates the classics and preserves them!


Funky shops…just the tip of a fabulous iceberg!

Yep, another Breaking Bad landmark! 

Nob Hill gives L5P in Atlanta a run for its money. Crazy cool art everywhere! 


The Prince House Part 1


The Prince House Part 2 : The Submarine. I covet the dinosaur sculptures. If I could strap them onto my BMW, they’d vanish tonight. LOL. 

The University of New Mexico mascot, the Lobo! Woof, woof, woof, Owwwoooooooooo!!!


Isotope Park! Inspired by The Simpsons, with the most popular minor league baseball merchandise EVER!

(By the way, the ABQ Trolley tour was incredible I highly recommend doing it the first day you arrive in ABQ. You will learn so much about the city and pick out the spots you want to visit. I’m so picky about tours since they can be boring or try too hard to be amusing. Rorik does a fantastic job narrating the history while also adding in trivia questions. He keeps it interesting. We had a little extra excitement that day towards the end of the tour. An unexpected rainstorm and hail storm attacked us near the end. Woohoo! Nothing like being in an open trolley when rain, lightning and hail descend! Seriously though, this tour is the BEST!)

Betho treated me to the most delicious filet mignon dinner! You know you want it. Butterflied. Cooked to perfection. 

She had the mahi mahi with risotto. Fabu!

Back in 2010 when I visited ABQ, I discovered an exceptional gallery in Old Town, Bright Rain Gallery. Stunning watercolors by an artist named Travis Bruce Black caught my eye. The delicate pencil drawings embellished with vibrant colors gave the bird paintings a sense of movement and life. The originals were far too expensive for my budget, but I never forgot his work. The gallery is unfortunately closing on October 31st; however, I managed to visit once again and purchased a giclee print. It’s ever so appropriate for me…little bird jo. 


Obax, Patrick’s roadrunner, has accompanied me on this trip. 

More of my favorite nap buddies…

I’m sure many folks are thinking I am totally obsessed with my dogs. And I am. It’s okay. They are family. One day, when I am old, gray and wizened, and they are over the rainbow bridge (hopefully well over a decade from now), I will look back on this trip and be so thankful I spent this time with them. Pet lives are fleeting  compared to human lifespans. I’m grateful every day for their unconditional love and attention. Maybe they know that. I’m hoping they feel it. How much I truly love them. 

Officially my FAVORITE boutique anywhere! Toad Road in ABQ on Nob Hill is so freaking cool! Ryan, the owner, knows his business and his textiles. It’s a fantastic clothing store for men and women. He is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the shop. I cannot rave enough about the tremendous selection of unusual brands (like Three Stones, a Canadian coat maker) and clothes from Australia and Italy. I don’t just recommend this store…you absolutely MUST visit Toad Road if you roll into ABQ. I promise it’s worth the time.


Even the entrance is too cool! Check out the artwork!


I wandered over to Il Vicino, a classic pizzeria (wood fire oven, that sort of thing, fancy, artisinal pizza). Note to self: gorgonzola is akin to blue cheese, and I don’t like blue cheese. Otherwise, the pizza was very good. After noshing on crust and artichoke hearts, I had to stop next door at Stranger Factory. Established by renowned artist Brandt Peters and his wife, the shop features their artwork and creations, plus lots of other artists’ work. Stranger Factory is more a cabinet of curiosities than a gallery. The pieces are too dark for most children, yet the place has the appeal of an old time carnival, complete with his collectible figurines and other sculptures. Phenomenally cool shop. 

Rolling Lemon Delight


Me trying out my selfie stick. I have no skills, as of yet, and Biscuit is wholly unimpressed. 

I got the funky bra-lette in El Paso at V&Z boutique. It looks cool with this stripey sweater. 


Snow Park, after the rain and hail. 

I haven’t been entirely slack this trip. I finished my latest needlepoint canvas! I love this bluebird! 

Whew! That was a HUGE post! It might have some typos. I’ll fix them another day. Off to bed! Sweetest dreams to everyone!

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