ATL to the ABQ…

I keep telling myself to get busy on the blog, but I’m worn out by the time I get in bed. Saturday, Kelly went home. Sunday, Betho and I drove up to Santa Fe. We walked up Canyon Road visiting the galleries. I really, really wanted to go in this shop but it wasn’t open. Skeletons as mannequins? I’m on board. Hmmm…I guess I’ll save it for another trip.    

Betho! Love this lady so much!

This chair reminds me of Michel Haillard’s work, that we had at Flemings once upon a time. There’s something so powerful and rustic about furniture made from skin and horns. 


An incredible beaded lion…

One of the most gorgeous jewelry/gift shops I have ever been in…look at the decor! And check out those hot mamacitas!


Bittersweet Designs is the name of this FABULOUS store. I highly recommend it. 

I love these bird sculptures! 


More of my favorite lady! Love our Betho!

I was stunned to see this exceptional egg tempera painting in a gallery. It looks like a religious icon. The girl has a timeless, yet modern feel, in a delicate lacy gown. I would have gotten a better picture but I didn’t want to get shooed out!


There was an amazing garden full of kinetic, wind-blown sculptures. I wish I still had my video feed on the blog…I’d post the video of everything moving! Beth and I especially enjoyed the flower that looked like it was continuously blooming. 

Better than windchimes…they don’t make any noise!

We ate at a little tapas place, apparently the oldest restaurant in Santa Fe. Sadly, my memory is failing me, so I have no clue about the name. The patio was lovely on a breezy, warm fall day. I’ll have to visit Santa Fe again…it’s inspiring!

I am so thankful to Beth and Phil for hosting me in their home, for their hospitality, their kindness and their love. Beth has blessed my life for many years as a dear friend to my mom and me. She took me to movies for years on my birthday and Christmas night. She took me horseback riding. She always makes me feel special and loved. And she sat by my mom’s bedside during the darkest times last year (tremendous support that never wavered and helped my mom conquer the darkness). Sometimes you wonder why someone is so kind and wonderful and why you are so lucky to have them in your life. And sometimes you just have to be grateful and thank God. It makes my heart even fuller to see how blissful she and Phil are together, that he loves and appreciates her so very much. Joy!

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