Meep Meep!

So here we are now in the land of roadrunners…
Mom left on Thursday afternoon for Atlanta. I really didn’t want her to go home but I know Dad, Bam and Papa need her too. It was so precious to have this time with her. I love you and miss you, Mom! 

Gran with her favorite Gran-dogs!  
We did some incredible shopping with Kelly at the Cielo Vista mall and the outlet mall. I’m the proud new owner of a stunning Michael Kors bag and a matching wallet. Woohoo! Fresh booty! 


After Mom went to the airport, Kelly and I went boutique shopping when she finished her chiropractor appointment. I found some amazing steals! (More Pictures to follow at some point)  

Friday morning, we got up and scrambled to prepare for the next leg of the trip. I ate breakfast at the Village Inn for the third morning in a row. Love the orange blossom crepes! I bid adieu to the lovely staff at the Hawthorne Suites. They took great care of us. Special thanks to Karla! 

I met Kelly at her place and let the pups enjoy the backyard while she ran an errand. While she was gone, Skyler managed to slip out of the backyard and run away. I had just noticed he was missing when my cell rang. It was Kelly’s neighbor a few doors down saying she had my goofy dog. He’s Houdini. Kelly and I strapped the pups in the back seat and set off.

Moments before his escape…

We departed for Albuquerque and passed through Truth or Consequences on the way. Very odd little town. Saw a tiny bar called The Brazen Fox. If it had been open, we’d have been obligated to have a drink there. I think there is only one fast food restaurant…a McDonald’s. 

We arrived in Albuquerque around 4. Beth and Phil have been kind enough to host us at their home, which has so far been a perilous idea for their pet ducks and chickens. Both pups went after the geese and chickens. Feathers flew everywhere. I was so worried that they would hurt the ducks. Skyler got a mouthful of feathers before I scooped him up. They are strictly front-yard, leash-bound dogs now while here. Skyler found a way out of the front yard and ran down the street. Argh!!! Phil managed to catch him before he made it out of the neighborhood. 

Before all that excitement, we took Biscuit to an emergency vet to get a bloody mole checked out. He’s fine. They gave him a cute, soft, party hat collar. It’s royal blue with pink piping. Biscuit has been sashaying and strutting around like Ru Paul with it on. He loves it! 


Sashay, chantay!

Kelly is going back home tomorrow since her sweet hubby got released from training early. They work hard to juggle their careers and family time. I’ve really enjoyed having time with Kelly. We used to have cousin time on our family beach trips, so this has been a treat. Thank you for joining me, Kel! I love you lots! 

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