Crawfish to Cowboys!

Day two of our incredible adventure! We enjoyed a good breakfast and lovely walk along the Mississippi riverwalk in Baton Rouge this morning before packing up the car again (which is an elaborate master-level Tetris game now) and heading further west. I gotta give huge props to the folks at the Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge Riverwalk. Even though we only stayed one night, I loved the location, the decor, the hospitality and the room service. It was super pet friendly. I might have to visit there again one day.

I’m sure some folks think I’m nuts for bringing my pups along, but they are having a blast! Ever since Biscuit stopped crying the first hour on the first day, he has been fine. Skyler yakked once after an ill-advised sausage treat. They are even doing great with their potty breaks! Skyler actually went to the door tonight to tell us he needed to go out! Yay, Skyler! I’m a little worried because they aren’t eating much kibble, but Gran made up for it with half a cheeseburger patty today. Biscuit really took a shine to Mom after that, and got so excited he humped her leg. The boys get treated like rock stars everywhere we go too, which is awesome. People can’t resist petting them. They are sleeping like angels in their crate tonight just across the room. I think it comforts them to have a familiar environment to crash into at night. 

We enjoyed another day of gorgeous weather. The drive was easy, except for the confusing Katy loop around Houston that seems to be an HOV lane of sorts. Waze has been our best friend so far, taking us on side roads past traffic congestion and usually warning us about speed traps and stalled cars. Mom and I were rocking out to The Eagles, Journey, Hall & Oates, Neil Diamond, Elton John and The Cure (Mom even sang along to “Friday I’m In Love”!). I also played her some of my favorite tracks off my Spotify radio list, like The Sundays, Luscious Jackson, The B-52’s, INXS, St. Lucia, The Killers, Savoir Adore. 

This just might be the greatest trip ever, spending time together. We are each other’s captive audience, with plenty to look at, talk about, listen to, and enjoy. It’s pure joy. No stress, no worries. Just days filled with new and interesting landscapes, quirky names (Woman Howling Creek and Shlitterbahn, which sounds fantastically nasty for some reason), and stunning sunsets (the richest colors you have ever seen, better than a Maxfield Parrish painting). 

Anyway, I’m exhausted and our longest drive, probably of the entire trip, is tomorrow from San Antonio to El Paso. Adios, mi amigos!


Would you look at his face!?! He looks possessed! LMFAO!!!

Waiting on more room service….  


I want THIS bed. No, I want this bed! 

Cool old cars while we were making a pit stop…


Biscuit after he finished packing. He is just, simply exhausted. 

The fantastic Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge Riverwalk! 


Mom and me in front of the Mississippi!


You is kind. You is smart. You is important.   

I had to post this too because Dad had told me a little while back that I needed to break the rear view mirror off my life, because where I’m going I don’t need it. I liked this Word Porn quote a lot. 


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