Blessings for Bam and Papa!

Hi y’all! So the big news…Bam completed her three radiation treatments to combat the very tiny tumor in her lung! 

She has been truly amazing, positive and stoic through a tremendously difficult time, managing intense pain caused by sitting still for hours, so the pinpoint radiation could work its magic. Papa has been her rock, calm and steady, diligent with his care for her, throughout all of this. My mom has been there for her parents every step of the way too, along with my dad, who loves his in-laws dearly. In addition to attending every doctor appointment and treatment, Mom has been cooking healthy food for Bam and Papa to enjoy, plus, finding innovative solutions for particular care issues (like step canes and step platforms). Dad made sure that they could have certified nurses for night care and help during the day. Everyone has rallied behind them and lifted them up in deed and prayer. 

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors for the positivity, the encouragement, the strength! Thank you for boosting our family with your love, and giving us the power to get her through this! Please keep praying in the months to come for a perfect recovery, for renewed health, for more time to enjoy life! 

(This picture isn’t brand new…I’ll post some more recent ones soon.)  Yay, Bammy! 


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