Just Touched Down in Londontown…

Jaunting around all over Sweden just wasn’t enough…we jetted over to London!  Originally, we had planned to go to Paris for a week, but then, I found out that the Victoria and Albert Museum was hosting an Alexander McQueen exhibit, with over 250 of his creations. 

Before we could visit the exhibit, I had to stop by Liberty of London, which just might be the most fabulous store on the planet (and you know I love Nordstrom and Bergdorfs, but this eclipses EVERYTHING). More on that to come…


Much like in Sweden, we somehow managed to bring the gorgeous sunny weather with us!


A sumptuous velveteen sofa in Liberty…

These shoes are like candy!  They would match my neon Coach tote perfectly!        

Lobster spaghetti…       
Bottega Venetta in every shade of lavender and purple EVER    

Harrod’s…chandeliers everywhere
 Delcious little Alexander McQueen bags  
  I don’t know who designed these but they are striking!  

More eye candy…a security ninja comes free with every purchase!
 This is the wing collection from Garrard. I have the round wing diamond earrings. I still think this is the coolest fine jewelry collection possibly ever. House of Garrad took care of the British Family Jewels for over three centuries and is one of the oldest companies in existence. 
  Unintentional selfie with cool pink dress      
  More McQueen! Sarah Burton has done an amazing job taking up Lee’s mantle. The exquisite tailoring, leather and tartan remain as enduring reminders of his legacy. 
  Fish n chips…it seemed like a good idea at the time.   
 Immediately after the McQueen exhibit. 

They did not allow photographs or sketching, mostly I imagine to keep the crowd moving along smoothly. The show is sold out weeks in advance, for good reason. It is the single most fabulous exhibit I have ever seen or even imagined. Over 250 pieces of his work from patrons (like Isabella Blow) and from his own estate are displayed in multiple rooms. The most dramatic pieces are given special treatment, arranged with other clothes from the same collection, original mannequins with distinctive headpieces, and montages from his shows. They even constructed a glass pyramid to simulate the ghostly appearance of a holographic Kate Moss wearing an ethereal ruffled chiffon dress. There is a room several stories high filled with window boxes for showcasing more dressed mannequins, armadillo shoes, video screens playing scenes from his runway shows, elaborate millinery from Philip Treacy for McQueen, body adornments (giant silver vertebrae with a spiky tail). It’s overwhelming at times, and incredibly poignant, when you appreciate the depth of talent that was lost when he passed away. So glad I got to experience this with Rajne!

And now…silly chipmunk face!
  A panoramic view of the courtyard within the Victoria and Albert Museum  
It looked like it might rain, but never did. It was a bit breezy though…    
    A majestic lion near the London Eye…  

London was very cool. I definitely want to visit again and hit more of the big tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. I doubt I will ever drive a car there…driving on the left side of the road, sitting in the right side of a car messes with my head. And I almost got flattened by a bus. 

We also learned that you should always get to the airport two hours early when flying from one country to another. London to Göteborg was nearly a disaster, since apparently everyone was going on holiday. We SPRINTED to the plane and barely made our flight, after spending about an hour checking our bags and getting through security. Whew!

The epic journey continues when we land in Göteborg…

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1 Response to Just Touched Down in Londontown…

  1. RachelW says:

    Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go to London so badly 🙂 xx

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