Stüre and Linda and Tossen! 

Tossen and his favorite toy, a pig that makes oinking noises. As if he couldn’t get any cuter…   

All fluff and energy!

Everybody in unison…awwwww!!!


An elaborate doorway somewhere in Göteborg…

Sture and Tossen taking a break…


A nice day for a stroll around Göteborg…

This is some crazy bronze statue with two captive naked men tied to each other, fighting to the death. 


There are gorgeous flowers everywhere…

Göteborg has a star-shaped moat surrounding it, with cannons stationed along the points. 

We finally got caught in a little rain. Stopped for the GREATEST HAMBURGER EVER at 212! It’s owned by a Swedish rockstar. The inside of the restaurant was super cool. Rock star portraits and melted candles. 


Garage art

A Canadian themed pub we visited that evening to meet Sture’s friends.   


Pub crawlers…LOL! 

 Being this adorable is exhausting. Simply exhausting.   

What do you mean, no more food?

Tossen’s bench in the local park


Linda and Sture live across the street from a really lovely park/wildlife preserve/zoo. 


The whole gang!

Me in pineapple regalia    

An actual moose! 

Tossen gets lots of love…


The zoo has a small penguin enclosure. They are molting right now and looked a little scruffy. 

They also had a seal enclosure. I love those big brown eyes! So expressive!


Tossen tried to make a new friend on the trolley. The Papillon was too feisty though. 
A lovely view of Göteborg


US in front of a gilded selfie wall    

Our view from the hotel restaurant patio. Apparently the chef was the same one who prepared Obama’s inaugural dinner menu! 

The truffle fries were TO DIE FOR! The absolute BEST I have had ANYWHERE! Now, some of you know that I am an extreme french fry aficianado. I have sampled the best all over the world. These blew them all away. Hands down. Melt-in-yo-mouth scrumptious! 


The hotel has this amazing chandelier covered in REAL orchids!

Another spectacular view from Masthuggen…

A panoramic vista…

A church just up the hill from their apartment with a stunning view of Göteborg…


Sture and Linda were incredibly gracious, kind hosts, just like the rest of Rajne’s family. Thank you so much for a wonderful visit! 

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