Smögen Yacht Rock

We took a short car ride (maybe an hour or so) to Smögen for the day. It’s a coastal town (you can find a really idyllic tourism video online that makes it look like only blonde Swedish models inhabit the place). Tossen slept most of the way. Such a good puppy! (By the way, he’s a flat-coated retriever.)  

Some cloud porn…

Linda cradling Tossen. We were his entourage for the day. EVERYONE had to turn around and get a glimpse of him. LOL!  



Smögen is really charming, albeit slightly crowded in the market and restaurant areas. 

Windblown Rajne! Who am I kidding? We were all massively windblown. Tip: wear jeans and layers when visiting Smögen. It may be a gorgeous sunny day, but the breeze will chill you to the bone. 


Most of the families have owned the tiny boathouses for generations. They are too small to be actual residences, so many people use them as a picnic spot for day trips. 


A view of the cliffs…


My honey was really sweet and let me use his hoodie the entire day, despite his massive goosebumps.     

Aren’t these little boathouses adorable?!?



Quite a view!   

An inlet around the archipelago.. 

Sture took some amazing shots! He’s a master photographer!
Linda and Tossen sashaying and chantaying…  

Work it! 


Everyone give Tossen kisses!!!  

Oy, oy, oy…


I can’t decide if these photos are delighhtfully cheesy or just cheesy or just fabulous…    

Catching crabs…strictly catch and release!

Finally warming up a bit…  

A 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible in mint condition! Wow! Swedes have an appreciation for classic American cars! 

The owner of this fine automobile, Johnnie!

Shiba Inu! (There are vitually no stray dogs in Sweden. There are only purebreds, unless someone imports a rescue stray mix.)


Happy Jo! (After getting some fish and chips. The cold seafood sandwich was not my favorite, but I gave it a whirl.)

Tossen had a large day and maybe got too excited. Poor little baby threw up the entire trip home. Luckily, Linda and Sture had a towel and doggie bags to take care of him. 


Feeling better, but worn slap ass out. 

Tossen really liked my cocoa butter hand lotion…


Such a sweetie! 

Our day at Smögen was incredible. Truly a unique experience! Many thanks to Rajne, Sture, Linda and Tossen for putting up with cold, hangry me! 

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