Göteborg…City of Beards and Man Buns

After a few days with Bengt in Stockholm, we drove to Göteborg, about a 5 hour trip. The Swedish countryside is quite lovely, especially in the summer. Don’t be fooled though! It is only like this in July, for a few days. That’s it! Otherwise it is usually rainy, which explains the lush countryside and verdant crops. The government subsidizes the farmers, so there are dairy and livestock farms all over, plus crops. I saw endless bales of hay wrapped like gigantic marshmallows everywhere. We happened  to spot this Ferrari zipping to a local speed track for some fun. Going, going, gone!


Once we arrived, Sture and Linda welcomed us into their gorgeous penthouse apartment on Masthuggen (shipbuilders planted great oaks here 300 years ago with the forethought that they could harvest them for ships masts…in 300 years). Below is Sture and the most adorable rock star puppy ever, Tossen. His name literally means “to toss”. 

I nearly died laughing when I saw this in their foyer. I don’t know the name of the artist to credit, but it’s priceless. Simply priceless. 


The candy store outside their building. I’m sensing a theme here. Lots of candy everywhere. Bales of hay that resemble candy. Hmmm. 

For a country with over 85% of people describing themselves as “non-religious”, there are TONS of churches. Stunning, historic churches.     

Two manly men!

Tossen gets the royal treatment and prefers to be carried around when he gets tired. Such a cutie!  


Göteborg has lots of beautiful streets with elegantly decorated patios. It couldn’t have been any prettier this day!

This rose blew me away! Stunning!   

Rajne and Tossen chillin’

This was just the beginning of our fun with Linda and Sture…next stop, Smögen!

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