Bearnaise Sauce and Bendy Straws

Whew! I haven’t had any spare time in over a week to sit down and continue my Swedish adventures. I think I left off when we departed from Mariestad for Ekjsö, to visit Rajne’s older brother, Ula, his wife, Molin, and their children, Moa and Viktor, ages 9 and 5. We were only spending one night and a full day with them, so we had to make the most of our time. We visited the historic town square, which is very charming, and walked down cobblestone streets. (By the way, I’m going to jump around a lot because the photos posted in a random order.)

Moa drew this exceptionally adorable hedgehog. She wanted to see my sketchbook, which didn’t contain much except some sketches for cute animal collages. Moa is a talented gymnast, and as I recently discovered, a naturally gifted artist. I gave her my box of Prismacolor pencils so she could continue making masterpieces. 


This is the view from the back of Ula and Molin’s home. Such a stunning day! Another sunny day in Sweden!

Moa had never played volleyball before and spotted Rajne’s Spalding beach volleyball. She gave it a whirl, and blew us away! She picked it up in an instant. Solid bumps and good hitting! Whoa!


Side note: this perfectly manicured lawn has a fabulous secret. They have a robotic lawn mower, just like a Roomba, only for grass! It parks and recharges itself everyday when it’s done. 

Viktor loves cars, trucks, bulldozers, etc. AND Legos. He made these super cool vehicles himself (with a little help from Moa at times). He has so much personality and is incredibly sweet and charming. 

Viktor waiting for the Cessna to take off on the airfield outside the obstacle course (formerly a military station).


Yoohoo and Obax sitting pretty in our room overlooking the backyard. 

Rajne on the obstacle course…he was almost to tall for this!


Ula and Molin really keep the kids active. They also plan events for themselves, like competing in a 57 mile mountain bike race in Ekjsö! 

Ula has a great sense of humor! 


Moa…gymnast, artist and super girl!

I don’t think he really fits well in this tunnel. We were lucky to get him out. LOL!


More volleyball practice!

A view of their neighbor’s yard. He had a tree problem and had to leave three big holes in the yard; hence, the crime scene tape to prevent kids from falling in. 


This is a flamingo tree. I was captivted by it since I have never seen anything like it. Ula and Molin received it as a wedding gift several years ago. They don’t live terribly long, maybe just 10 years or so. Ula said the botanist splices one type of plant onto a tree and shapes it, kind of like a bonsai. 

The color is really lovely in person!

Molin made a delicious, fresh rhubarb pie for dinner. It was fabulous!

Apparrently this woodpecker is quite rare…he was taking advantage of lots of worms surfacing in the rain.    

Some panoramic views of their beautiful home! Everything is so organized, functional, light and open.

A view near the town square…check out all the cobblestones!

I just thought these flowers were pretty…


Inside the cafe for kiva…

It did rain a little while we were there…


Check out the gorgeous riverside area! And Viktor!


A private courtyard…


Can you tell I’m getting worn out just reliving the excitement? Whew! And that was only a few days into the trip! 

Spending time with Ula, Molin, Moa and Viktor was a real joy! Thank you so much for your hospitality and for making me feel so welcome! It was a pleasure to meet you!

(Forgot to mention this, in reference to the title of this post, McDonald’s in Sweden serve BEARNAISE SAUCE and give you BENDY STRAWS! Magical!)

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