The Vasa and other bad ideas…

Ah, so the trip continues…

We departed Ekjsö and headed for Stockholm, to meet Rajne’s grandpa, Bengt. He is a super fit, very active 75 year old and has a charming apartment in Rajne’s childhood neighborhood. Our first full day, Rajne went to Pricer headquarters to work for the day, while Bengt and I took the subway into town and did a little sightseeing until Rajne got off work. From there, we wandered over to the Vasa Museum and got lunch on the way (Note to self…cider is not your friend. It is your mortal enemy, much like champagne, or bee stings, or codeine.).

The Vasa, for those of you not in the know, is a massive warship, built in the 17th century. It sank on its maiden voyage into the harbor. Two cannon decks and not enough ballast proved to be an unstable, top heavy design. Three centuries later, it was resurrected in full. I’m not a huge history buff so don’t expect me to give you the full details. What I will say is this…it was very large and very impressive. It’s hard to imagine that ordinary wee humans could construct something like this without computerized blueprints, large cranes, or mechanized machinery.

What you can’t see…no fewer than 12 band aids covering my feet.

On the second day, I got adventurous and decided to explore Gamla stan, the Old Town of Stockholm, by myself. The architecture is really quite beautiful.

There are lots of touristy shops, but also lots of more interesting boutiques. I really wish this store had been open during my visit. (I don’t need a lavender feather collar, but, DAMN, did I suddenly want one!) Sadly, lots of things were closed since we were there during everyone’s summer holiday break.

This shop fascinated me. I wasn’t sure if they sold vintage clothing or what. The window displays were hilarious and surreal.  

And when I shot this snap of the front door, I had no idea that the goofy fellow was, in fact, the King.   

I purchased two hats at this millinery shop, a black woven rattan hat for myself and a delicate pink felt cloche for Martha. 

The aforementioned straw hat…
IMG_1737I snagged a photo of this cute pup on the fly…

I somehow managed to catch the sunniest weather possible that day. So beautiful!

My feet were not so thrilled about my day spent in the Old Town. I bought some sport sandals, but the cobblestones were too abusive on my poor dogs. I tried to wear pointy high heels to dinner that night with Rajne’s colleagues. I made it 5 feet out the front door and put my flats back on. It was two or three days before you could see the veins again. Ouch!

Despite my foolish choice of cider as a beverage, and ignoring all instincts to don tennis shoes for all-day sightseeing, I really enjoyed Stockholm. I loved shopping at NK (Swedish version of Harrod’s), touring the Old Town, dining at the Orangerie with his colleagues, visiting the Vasa, and spending time with Bengt and Rajne. Not such a bad idea after all…

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