Howdy, y’all! I haven’t been accomplishing too much lately so this won’t be an expansive post. 

I started on another baby quilt (using my fave pattern, Space Place), but haven’t finished the top yet. I love the bird fabric!  (Side note: I had a little stuffed owl to go with this quilt, but Lady saw it in the shopping bag, grabbed it and thinks it is a baby because it hoots softly. She hasn’t torn it up at all…she just walks around with it in her mouth and sleeps curled up around it. I know she misses Hunter, so I’m glad it brings her joy.)


My Waffle House needlepoint ornament came back from the finisher. It turned out so cute! The beading on the sign is the syrup on the waffle! I love these small projects because they go fast (only took me about a month to finish)! I gave it to my favorite Waffle House waitress ever, Miss Georgette, for her birthday. She has known us since Peanut was only 5 years old! She has the sunniest, sweetest personality and always brightens our day!


Yeah, I can’t claim that I made this, or own it, but I can gawk at it. The magnificent new BMW i8 in all its glory. I think the tail lights might be the coolest thing I have ever seen on a car. RAWR means I love you! RAWR, RAWR!


I have some really exciting posts coming up…I promise!

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