What I do in my copious spare time…

Hi there, y’all! Yes, I know, I have been rather lazy about posting lately. There’s just so much to do while the sun is shining! 

I love this wonky block quilt pattern I just finished recently. I bought it at Intown Quilters (my favorite modern quilt shop in town!). It came with its own ruler which allows you to cut what are essentially wonky tumblers with one big wedge and one small wedge. I’m also loving the Cotton & Steele fabrics! So delightful! Especially the lion print. I made this quilt for the newest additions to our family, Curtis Tate Cox and McKayla Rose Cox, born May 20, 2015! I figured their mommy, Melody, wouldn’t have time to finish two quilts before they arrived. I’ll be posting pics of the behbehs when I get to visit them. 


This is a quilt top for my baby brother. He celebrates his 25th birthday on July 28th, so I wanted to make him something special. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 2013, so I figured a pixelated Buzz would be perfect! YouPatch.com took care of turning the picture into a great quilt pattern! It started out with about 900 pieces, but they improved their process and patterns, so it ended up being less than 700. Still, it sounded daunting. I was beyond thrilled with how simple the cutting and piecing ended up being! They break it down into manageable bits, nine blocks to a page. I was lucky too, since it only has three colors, black, white and yellow. You can see my progress from finished quilt top down to the first set of blocks. I HIGHLY recommend using YouPatch for any pixelated quilt ideas!


This is my finished Tula Pink Frog Prince pillow, complete with lime green bobble trim and hidden zipper. It’s the same on the front and back (I created both blocks before I realized that they didn’t quite match the colorway of the quilt. Oops!). The quilt pattern is by Camille Roskelley. It makes my guest bedroom look so glamorous! 


When I’m not quilting, I’m probably doing needlepoint. My dogs like this because I can sit on the sofa next to them. Featured below is Tula Pink’s Parisville Sky pattern tapestry pillow kit. I figured out that canvas stretcher bars are perfect for needlepoint frames. I started running out of some of the colors, so I contacted Anchor/Coats (they supply the yarn for the kits). Great news…if you run out, they can send you more. BUT, only IF you have saved the color card with the numbers for each color. Thankfully, I somehow managed to save the skein card. Woohoo! 


As I have mentioned before, when I’m not sewing, I like to play volleyball or run around a park a lot. This is me (black bikini), my beau (super tall handsome guy) Rajne, good friend Deanna (adorable pink bikini lady) and another good friend Dave (volleyball host extraordinaire in Hawaiian trunks). We played in a tournament down in Jonesboro at the former Olympic volleyball venue to support a teenage girls club team. We also got the immense privilege of meeting Nicole Branagh, who played for the US National Team, now plays for AVP and is ranked 16th in the world. She is so super nice and gave lessons to the girls and tourney players. Thank you, Nicole! And thank you to Christie and Jack for bringing it all together! 


Me, Nicole and Rajne…super tall people! (Except me, I look so short by comparison! LOL!)  

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