Super Lazy Jo Melting Into The Sofa

Howdy, y’all. Yeah, I’m still around, just haven’t been accomplishing much lately. Except cooking, cleaning, laundry, helicoptering Patrick and working on my endless Tula Pink needlepoint pillow project. My darling son is mere weeks from graduation (hopefully), if he can simply pass three AP courses AND an online calculus course. I have given up on any chemical props to get me through this turmoil…there isn’t enough Xanax or liquor on the planet to dull my anxieties. And quite frankly, I need all my faculties at their sharpest to endure this. He just came down with strep throat two days ago, after suffering from walking pneumonia in November and Mono since December or January, plus some nasty bacterial infection. Poor thing…his tonsils are the size of golf balls right now, speckled with giant white dots. On the bright side, we did reach his prescription deductible in one month, as opposed to eleven months last year.  (Say “ahhhhhhhh”…)


(Oh, and I never knew that mono can cause your liver or spleen to swell, which is really dangerous if you play contact sports. And that most adults have contracted mono during their lives, even if they never showed apparent symptoms. And you can’t really relapse unless something suppresses your immune system. Hm. Useful info, file away.) 

Here’s something to be super happy about…my grandparents, Bam and Papa, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary today! It’s not an April Fool’s Joke…they really did get married on April 1st, 1950. What’s more incredible is how much they still love and enjoy each other’s company (most days…lol!).  


So, I did manage to finish some small projects, and I don’t think I posted them here. I made a luggage tag during my trip to Aruba, got back two finished ornaments from the Nimble Needle, and finished the stitching on a Waffle House ornament (for which I learned how to bead my designs! So easy!). I can’t wait for that to be completed! By the way, the Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs has moved from the shopping center across from the Punchline to the shopping center on Sandy Springs circle near Slopes BBQ. I haven’t visited yet, since I’m still working on a new project. (I only allow myself to go there when I finish something. I collect UFO’s otherwise. And spend too much.) I also discovered In Stitches, another needlepoint store, in Buckhead. I took Mom there to see the AMAZING array of designs they carry. Seriously, it’s lady crack. 



My birthday is just a few days away. Mom and I are going to see the Woman in Gold, the new Helen Mirren film about the famous Gustav Klimt portrait. I can’t wait to see it! Then, I’ll have dinner with my beau on Saturday night (probably somewhere delicious, or fun, or both).  I share my birthday with Easter Sunday this year, so I’ll be heading to church and heading to 103 West for brunch with my family. Mom gave me some gorgeous dresses for my birthday, so I have to decide which one to wear (dresses in fabulous colors like lavender, fuchsia, salmon, lemon yellow, vibrant orange).  

(I can’t find the provenance of the painting below…I think it’s from the Robert Lange Gallery in Charleston, but I’m not certain. Either way, it reminds me of a Klimt!)


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