Spring Ahead

February and March have been busy months…emerging from hibernation and getting spring stuff done. An amazing trip to Aruba for a week with my honey got me ready for warm weather and sand volleyball season. Woohoo! Six days of sand and sun really do a lot to rejuvenate mind and body. While I was enjoying Aruba, Patrick jaunted off to Italy with his classmates for tours of Rome and Florence. He’s such a world traveler now!

Before I left, I managed to finish a few UFO’s. Two Tula Pink quilts backed in stunning powder blue rosette Minkee! One was a baby quilt for Miss Tessa Harper Avison in Colorado and the other was a lap quilt for Lois Johnson in Florida. It was really tough to let these quilts go…they are so beautiful, snuggly soft and warm! 

I also finished a Tula Pink frog pillow with bobble fringe. I must admit that I did the finest hidden zipper job EVER. I didn’t take a photo of it, so you’ll just have to believe me. Now it just needs a puffy pillow!

Our indoor Mercer winter volleyball team made it through the first round of playoffs! Yay! The team has gelled nicely this season. Sometimes, we all show up at the same time. Many thanks to Tommy (center front) for bringing us together for lots of fun! (Pictured from left: Michael, Claire, Tommy, Tristan, me, Rajne and Alissa)

Before I go, I have to post one fabulous photo (ok, maybe two) from Patrick’s Italy trip…him and his precious girlfriend, Emily; and Patrick striking a pensive pose. If he got any cuter, I’d have to gobble him up (possibly another reason tigers eat their young…besides teenage angst). 

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1 Response to Spring Ahead

  1. Donna Brooks says:

    Hey Jo, Loved this blog! Can you send me the photos of Patrick? I would love to print and frame them. Love, mom

    Sent from my iPad


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