Valentine Master Class

So, my beau surprised me this Valentine’s Day…he went far and above the call of ordinary Valentine plans, with a full day of thoughtful things. Fellas, if you want instructions on how to do it RIGHT, this is IT. Your sweetheart will melt if you follow this lead.

First, he cooked me brunch, complete with Swedish pancakes, cloudberry jam (homemade by his grandpa), hashbrowns (he knows I love my potatoes), orange juice, a dozen red roses and a potted plant full of tiny pink flowers. Surrounding the table, he had placed gifts all along the sofa, including a giant stuffed owl (I am a night owl), the most hideous painting ever created of a monkey in a pilgrim-like hat (inside joke), and a rather large Coach box wrapped in neon ribbon (containing a gorgeous neon orange tote). And the sweetest, most heartfelt card was filled with five beautiful photos of us. When I finished crying over how lovely everything was, I managed to enjoy some pancakes and cloudberry jam.

Next, we got ready for a trip up to Amicalola Falls in North Georgia. He had trail mix, bottled water and a backpack all set to go. We drove about an hour and a half, then ate a late lunch at the lodge. He enjoyed the trout while I savored fried chicken. It’s gorgeous up there and the view from the lodge restaurant is breathtaking. We saw hawks soaring over the mountains. Apparently there was also some sort of impromptu Corvette convention…about a dozen brand new Corvettes showed up. Ooh la la! By the time we finished eating, it was getting late and quite cold, so we decided to save the hike for another day.

You’d think that was the end of the festivities, but, no, there’s more! We went back to his place, took a nap, watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad.  He ran a bath for me in his garden tub, turned down the lights, lit votive candles all around the tub, and handed me a glass of Pinot Grigio from Portland, before closing the door and leaving me to sheer bliss. I love soaking in a hot tub! It was heaven! Meanwhile, I could hear all sorts of commotion.

When I got out of the tub and dressed, he was clattering away in the kitchen. Could I be any more spoiled? Yes, yes I could. My honey cooked Swedish meatballs with brown sauce (they call it brown sauce), with mashed potatoes, cucumber and tomato slices and lingonberry preserves. For dessert, we enjoyed vanilla bean ice cream floating in hot cloudberry sauce.

I’m not gloating over my phenomenal V-day…much…okay, maybe just a little. Just relishing how truly delightful it was. And beyond thankful for the incredibly thoughtful man in my life who planned all these fantastic surprises. So, fellas, take a tip: planning something special doesn’t have to expensive; you just need to invest a lot of thought in meaningful actions and spend time with her.



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1 Response to Valentine Master Class

  1. Sture says:

    Seems like a really nice day, well done brother 🙂

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