The Time of Our Lives


Mom surprised me with a ladies night out on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My day started with packaging desserts at All Saints Church for Covenant Community’s annual Feed the Homeless dinner. Patrick and I cut pies, cakes, cobblers and brownies up and wrapped them up in Saran Wrap on paper plates. With four other folks, we managed to pack 600 desserts! And there were lots of extra pies and cakes leftover. Quite an array of yummy sweets!

I left at 2:45 to get ready for the big night out. My shower was a little chilly…I couldn’t figure out how to get the water hotter than lukewarm. They have a fancy shower, with an equally fancy, anti-scald, child-safety feature, which apparently works on adults as well. I was halfway done before I figured it out and warmed up. Skip ahead to fully makeup-ed, and I was slipping on a gorgeous pale pink satin dress with jeweled cap sleeves and my favorite Miu Miu jeweled platform sandals. Mom wore elegant black pants, with a hot pink silk tank and a black lace, long sleeve blouse, plus pointy-toe D’orsay flats. Too chic!

We zipped off to dinner at Veni Vidi Vici. It has always held a special place for us because we took Bam and Mama Laura there before we saw Cats at the Fox Theater many, many years ago. After enjoying really delicious fresh bread with olive oil and vinegar, we had assorted fried seafood with zucchini (note to self: fried baby octopi are really creepy). For our main course, we both chose the chicken, duck and fontina cheese agnoloti with a side of roasted cauliflower. While the pasta dish was lovely, we enjoyed the cauliflower more than anything. Mom sipped pinot grigio and I had two Amaretto sours. There was, predictably, no room left for dessert, so we headed to the Fox.

The big surprise was tickets to see Dirty Dancing: the Musical! I was so thrilled when she told me! It was the first grown-up movie that Mom took me to see in a theater. We still watch it at the cabin on occasion and the songs are timeless.

I was admittedly a bit overdressed for the event. I looked like I was going to a cocktail party or a wedding. But that’s okay. That’s how I roll. Mom always looks elegant and appropriate. That’s how she rolls.

Our seats were in the lower mezzanine level, the balcony area overlooking everything, really fantastic. I love the Fox Theater…especially the way the ceiling looks like the night sky, with stars twinkling and clouds floating by. So magical.

The performers were incredible! Whoever played Baby looked EXACTLY like Jennifer Grey! Johnny was the right height and build, but his hair was a little dark. Penny was played by a fabulous dancer. The young lady narrating the play was phenomenal too. For me, the only missteps were the extra bits about the Freedom riders and a couple of songs that weren’t in the movies (Mom said the screenwriter asked to include the parts that were cut from the original film. And apparently the song licensing made it difficult to pull this together.)

Such a wonderful surprise, all in all! We had the time of our lives!

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