And for the grand finale!

I tackled the largest of the UFOs this week and finished the binding on this quilt. It’s a pattern called Surfside, using Timber & Leaf fabric. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this much until it was totally done. Now, I love it! The shades are very subtle–the fabric looks like it was painted in water colors.



Bella Bamert did an incredible job with the long arm quilting (as always, she is amazing!) and stitched a teal swirly pattern. It really emphasizes the curls of the quilt blocks. She has a great eye for what works with certain designs. You can see it up close next to the embroidered tag I made.


I love the backing for this quilt. I created a large version of the quilt block, quite striking. Having a pieced back is almost like making two quilts, but the large format made it easy to piece.



Well, back to the salt mines. And by salt mines, I mean the quilting studio. More Tula Pink fabric is calling my name…

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