Passing the torch…

A weekend or two ago, I attended my 20 year high school reunion, while my son went to his senior homecoming dance and hosted the after party. I probably wouldn’t have gone to the reunion if not for my good friend and classmate, Greg, coming all the way from Colorado for the event. He always manages to get me there, kicking and screaming the whole way. And somehow, it turns out better than I anticipate.

It’s surreal, though, since I don’t feel old enough to be 20 years out of high school. But here I am, with a child graduating this spring. Yes, I started the whole mom thing a wee bit earlier than most of my peers. I think it gives me a good perspective into my son’s life since I’m not so far removed from that age.

What tickles me is that Patrick is so vastly different from me…and his school experience entirely opposite mine. He’s outgoing and gregarious, with lots of friends. Loyal to his close circle, but always willing to entertain new friendships.

Close to 60 teenagers descended on our home Saturday night. I recognized most of them from school events, sports and sleep overs. When I got over the shock of having a full house, I enjoyed watching how these kids celebrate and interact. The party definitely made me wish that my own high school experience had been more socially dynamic, though I still truly appreciate the close friends I made. (And by the way, HUGE thanks to Greg for staying late to help corral teenagers and clean up the mess. You spared me a nervous breakdown. LOL!)







Me in my reunion dress…I love the D’Orsay heels! The toes are black calf hair.


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