A Heavy Heart Day (from two weeks ago)

I’m stunned today. Corey, a long time volleyball friend, passed away last night at age 31. I hadn’t seen him in a long time, longer than I should have allowed. My heart goes out to his wife, Rebecca, his Becca. They were always so nice to me, to everyone. I hate that she is suffering his immeasurable loss.

Corey invited me to play a Brookhaven league with him a couple of years ago. I really appreciated being included in a team. He was a great setter and had a stealthy back-handed flip move that often surprised the opposing team. No matter whether we won or lost, we had fun together. Corey wouldn’t criticize fellow players.

He was so funny, self-deprecating, with a quietly sarcastic wit. He was always positive and friendly. People often say things like that when someone is gone, just to be nice, but it was true of Corey. He was a really good person. I don’t recall him ever saying anything mean or belittling about anyone. And he had great enthusiasm for volleyball and his friends.

Corey, you held a special place in my heart, for being truly kind and endearing. I’ll miss you so much and keep Becca in my prayers.

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