Beach Beach Beachy Beach

So, this week we are vacationing at Seagrove Beach, our family fave. It’s just me, my folks, Patrick, his buddy Drake and a bunch of dolphins. Lindsay was with us for a couple of days, but work beckoned and she had to fly to Dallas.
(The photos in this post are a mess and in no way organized based on the order of text…I apologize. Every time I go into WordPress on my iPad, something new malfunctions. I’m very irritated by it. And I haven’t been in office to correct things on a laptop. Urgh. I need to post video too, but can’t do it from my iPhone or iPad.)



This is our first beach trip since the annual Brooks/Cox Mass migration vacations ended in 2012. Bam and Papa decided that it was too hard for them to travel, and many of my cousins have gotten busy with life. It’s all good…we managed to take those big family trips for about 10 years. A decade worth of bonding is pretty impressive.

We are staying at a new place too. It’s called Coach’s Lair. I’m guessing that it is the occasional vacation haunt of a college football coach (one who recently won a national championship). There are plaques and memorabilia all over the work out room.

Lindsay and I took the boys out to the Old Florida Fish House last night. I love that place. The food is always yummy and they have everything from seafood to burgers to sushi. We got there in time to watch the sunset go down over Deer Lake. After dinner, we took the boys to Alvin’s Island for a little shopping. I’m thinking about dedicating a separate post to my reaction to Alvin’s Island and their hermit crab section.

Thus far, the ocean has been eerily still, like a glassy lake. There are NO waves. That is very, very bad for a boogie boarder like me. The water is lovely, warm and very beautiful, but absolutely flat. There isn’t even an ocean breeze to keep you cool off the beach. We watched a huge storm blow through yesterday from inland. Beach umbrellas took off, flying and tumbling down the beach. A few foolhardy folks stayed out under their tents, even despite the huge lightning bolts that touched down near them. I hoped the storm would stir up some wave action, but to no avail.




Today was super exciting. No waves, but a crowd down the beach spotted a four to five foot shark in the water. And Patrick and Drake nearly stepped on a manhole cover-sized stingray. I’m praying for one good day of waves. Just one. The wind picked up later in the day, so hopefully that will help. I will be bereft if I don’t get one day boogie boarding till I drop.

Alas, there were no waves. The entire week. Doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that we got to have our family trip together. I ate my weight in fried shrimp, read loads of zombie fiction on my kindle, walked on the beach and enjoyed being with my folks. And tied for first place at mini golf with my cousin, Donnie! Woohoo! Patrick and I also won two free games by each making a hole-in-one on the ninth hole. Coconut Creek is my favorite putt putt course anywhere. It is beautifully landscaped and well-kept. Plus, there are lots of fiberglass animals everywhere, so it looks like a safari.

Back in May, none of us were sure if we’d ever get to take a beach trip together again. Mom was in the hospital, recovering from extensive surgery, and we were all just praying and holding our breath, waiting for a positive outcome. To see her and Dad out on the beach, enjoying a long walk hand in hand…that was the greatest answer to our prayers. She’s healthy again and on the mend more every day. While the details of our trip are fun and memorable, that’s the best part of all.







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