Mo Projects

I FINALLY finished the binding on the pinwheel quilt. I procrastinated for months on this. Now, I’m working on finishing the binding for three quilts that Bella sandwiched and long arm quilted for me. Whew!

008 005

I’m chugging along on my monthly needlepoint sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin. July has the cutest fox! That shimmery white thread is a pain to work with though…the strands split and it’s too silky to hold a knot or stay put when you try to stick the end under other stitches.



I’m also creating some fabric collage paintings to sell, probably at our church craft and home show in November. All of these pieces came about because Mom saw a collage in a catalog and thought I could make something better. The fabric collage is a great way to use up my quilt fabric scraps. And with lots of trial and error, I found the perfect spray mount (only AFTER gluing my fingers together a few times with permanent spray adhesive).






While I was busy painting, I tackled another UFO. A portrait of a beloved family pet, my uncle’s dog, Junior. He passed away last year, having spent many happy years riding to work every day with Uncle Lee. I couldn’t quite tell you what kind of mutt mix he was…short, stubby legs, round, sausage-like body, golden hair that would stick to you like cockleburs covered in Superglue; but, what I can tell you is that he was the sweetest dog. His temperament was as laid back and friendly as Uncle Lee’s. He came to their family as a stray in the neighborhood. My cousins weren’t too keen on dogs until Junior. He was wonderful, and much like our other departed dogs, I wanted to create something in his honor. I like to think it captures a lot of his sweet nature and kind, smiling expression. We miss you, Junior, but were blessed to know and love you.



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