Summertime Swing and Raccoon Madness

Whooooossssshhhhh! What’s that sound? Summer kicking into full gear. Mom and I went to get our hair beautified. She’s gone blonde again! Woohoo! And I am slightly beach blonde-ish myself. It was a really special day, with her dear friend, Joni, Joni’s granddaughters, and Joni’s son, Seth.


I’ve started my Tula Pink needlepoint project (from her Parisville Collection). I taped the edges with Hello Kitty duct tape and picked up a frame and a stand at Michael’s to make it a little more manageable. It’s going to be gorgeous!



My weekend kicked off with a super exciting night of strange attic noises. I’ve documented my flying wallenda squirrel problems before, but this was a new critter. At 3 AM on Friday night, Patrick figured out that we had a mama raccoon and her babies living in the attic. My household is living an episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. The babies were absurdly cute, but squeaking a lot. The mama apparently wanted a nice cozy place to raise her pups…and our attic was perfect. She came in through the roof (see photos). Since raccoons potentially carry an array of nasty diseases like rabies, raccoon ringworm and giardia, I couldn’t allow her and the kids to stay. First, we found some good repellent info online, turned on all the lights, loud music and generally made it very inhospitable for them. On Monday, Critter Guard (a local Sandy Springs company) came out to place a trap and inspect things. Many thanks to Jorge for his help!



I finished a project before all this excitement…Dad’s Father’s Day gift. The Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs is an amazing needlepoint shop. They carry hundreds of cute designs, beautiful thread and supplies, plus knowledgeable staff to help. I made him a Georgia Tech needlepoint paperweight for his desk. I ordered the glass paperweight online (there’s a whole WEBSITE dedicated to paperweights–who knew?!?). They send you the kit, complete with sticky backing felt.


Saturday, I played in my first sand tournament of the season at McPherson Beach. I was subbing for a friend and completely thrilled to be there. I’m rusty, and not as skilled as my teammates, but I had a great time. We made it to the second round of playoffs! Go Team Air Dry!




My Ninja, Please quilt and matching pillow are finished! I just picked the quilt up today from Little Quilts. Dena did a fantastic job on the long arm stitching! I cannot wait for the baby to arrive so I can create the name tag and attach it. This set turned out ridiculously cute!





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