Life Renewed and Rearranged

Howdy, y’all! I haven’t been stuck on a desert isle devoid of Wifi. Just busy with other things and not feeling all that chatty Kathy. My mom has been recovering from major surgery that took place a day before Mother’s Day. By God’s grace, she is getting stronger and healthier every day.

So, anyway, I’m trying to let go of THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER. Life is proving to be way too short to worry about sh*t from 20 years ago or even last week. I’m very sad to say that one of my Lovett classmates passed away recently, rather suddenly. He was an accomplished attorney. I couldn’t count him as a friend, but I remember him fondly. He smiled and laughed a lot. From my elephant memory of childhood slights, there are no recollections of him ever being mean or snide. For me, Scott will always be a nice kid with mischievous, sparkling blue eyes.

Another person the world lost…Mike Higgins. Two days before Mom went into the hospital, her hair stylist and close friend of over 30 years, went in for gall bladder surgery. His heart stopped and they couldn’t revive him despite their most fervent efforts. I marvel at his family…the life he built with his wife, Joni, stands strong in his memory. Every detail of their lives is infused with his essence. His son looks like a clone. His adorable granddaughters have his gorgeous eyes and kind hearts. Even if he isn’t there in body, I felt his spirit all around. His family celebrates his life every day. It’s a profoundly beautiful thing to witness.

This is a big secret that I never thought I’d tell…I’m notoriously hush-hush about my faith (yes, I do have it) and spirituality. However, every day, I thank God for another day here, for this gorgeous day. It’s easier when I’m running Chastain, watching the huge puffy clouds roll by, but I try to say thanks each day no matter what. I’m thankful for another day with the people I love, with my son, with my pups, with my parents, my grandparents, my cousins, my aunts and uncles, my friends. I’m thankful for a fulfilling job, a beautiful home, a good car, and all the creature comforts a person could need. I relish life and I don’t want to take it for granted or waste time on fruitless endeavors. I want to expend my energy on voracious passions and unbridled enthusiasm for life. I can’t wait to get outside, to enjoy my personal communion with Earth and its Creator, and to give more thanks. It’s not just a good life; it’s a FANTASTIC life!












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