A Mother’s Day Miracle

I know. I have been just a teensy bit incommunicado. Like off on another planet. It’s not that I haven’t been writing. I just haven’t felt like sharing. Things have been too raw and personal. Bam was in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure issues. And then Mom ended up in the hospital on the day before Mother’s Day. I have been too scared, shell shocked, and finally relieved to do much besides basic functions.

Mom’s colon got twisted late Friday night and she went in for emergency GI surgery Saturday morning. Some circumstances are too fortuitous to be anything but the will of God. The most highly recommended and respected GI surgeon at Piedmont happened to be on call that day. And the best anesthesiologist was also present. Together, they rushed her off for surgery, knowing that time was of critical essence. If the distended colon ruptured or leaked, the situation would be incredibly dire. They found the colon intact, but massively swollen, so large in fact that the GI surgeon had never seen one that big without a rupture. He managed to remove the entire section, and her appendix, without any leakage, preserving her other internal organs and abdomen from a massive risk of infection. In about two hours, she was wheeled off to recovery, our prayers answered and beyond.

This all could have gone very badly. I thought long and hard, praying for my friends who lost their mothers, some years ago, and some the very next day, and friends who lost other loved ones so recently. Their losses have weighed heavy on my heart. It could have been our family, mourning and grieving. By the grace of God, Mom is still with us. I won’t let all the emotion out here…it still seems too close and might tempt fate to laud her safe recovery thus far. I’m holding my breath, till she is home for weeks and fully recuperated, before I rejoice. All I can do is thank God over and over again…while I’m sitting beside her in the hospital, while I’m hugging Dad who has scarcely left her side, while I’m laughing with Beth as we walk Mom down the hall in the hospital, while I sit at home in bed planning another day with her, while I run around Chastain on a bright, gorgeous day, seemingly perfect, but only because she is still a part of it. We went through so much of this with Bam only a few weeks ago, so to suddenly have Mom enduring this; well, it has been cataclysmic.

We are truly blessed…blessed that she agreed to go to the hospital in time; blessed that the finest doctors around gave their all; blessed that family and friends rallied around her, sending love, prayers, and good thoughts; blessed that the staff at Piedmont take superb care of their patients; blessed that our family has been here to support one another; blessed that she not only survived major surgery, but that she is recovering smoothly and quickly; and blessed that the doctors think she will emerge healthier from all this struggle and pain.

Our family has really appreciated all of the prayers, love and support we have received from friends. Dad has asked for everyone to please postpone visiting until he gives the all clear. She needs lots of rest in order to heal. The faster she heals, the quicker we get her home. It takes a lot of energy for her to chat and visit with folks…energy that her body needs to recover. I asked for everyone to please NOT send flowers. There isn’t much room, and she is allergic to most flowers (They won’t let her have allergy meds here. She’d start sneezing and that would hurt very badly.)

Many folks think that the true meaning of Mother’s Day has gotten lost in the materialistic frenzy for cards, flowers and gifts, brazenly eclipsed by a million dollar industry. For anyone who knows the sorrow of missing a mother, or the terror of potentially losing a mom, that profound appreciation goes beyond any trite greeting card sentiment. This year, my Mother’s Day was spent in intense contemplation and appreciation of my mom and grandmother, thanking God endlessly for the miracle of their presence and the gifts they gave me, and praying for many more years with them.

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